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  1. So I bought a 1100m frame ....and never noticed the bit of frame that sits behind the exhaust on the cradle has been removed....for what reason I don't know why ...anyway ...is it junk now or should I try and replace it back to stock ..or can it be left ?
  2. I might come along and get me tits out for ya
  3. So where will i find these speedo triggers about i looked on Robinsons but they dont seem to go to the year i need. edit .found them
  4. So i am going to be using a motogadget mini speedo on my GSXR 11 and i am wondering if i can use this sprocket cover for the pickup ,i do believe its a mk2 1200 bandit (correct me if iam wrong ), so will it work on the GSXR with the correct sprocket ? what do i need to make it work ? will it even work ?
  5. Anybody know where I can get this set up ? and how it fits ..
  6. @fatblokeonbandit i need a set of them
  7. dont do it .its a bottomless pit
  8. Decided to build my own to spec thanks anyway chaps.
  9. Nobody ....ok this could get expensive....i would presume it will change over to say an 11k as long as i have the whole setup. Anybody got an arm kicking around to measure the pivot please
  10. looking to swap out my powerscreen 1100 swing arm to possibly gsxr/bandit ,So what will fit with the min of fuss ?
  11. Thats not Arthur's seat its my seat.
  12. Life can be a beach sometimes
  13. Good luck in finding a good motor
  14. Looking at the smoke thats being laid down there in that last pic lol i dont think its that bad
  15. I will hopefully be there but no track days for me i prefer standing arms folded and nodding
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