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GSX1100 welded crank question


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53 minutes ago, clivegto said:

If you take the clutch out you can see if the crank is welded or not :tu

cheers clive, dont really want to start stripping things off just to check yet, but might at some stage.  by all accounts and with more research it looks like they are welded but not right across the crank, not welded on the left end but the rest is !!!!!     

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4 minutes ago, spondonturbo said:

efe engines had some welding to the crank but not enough for big hp. The earlier GSX motors did not as far as I know.

I found a thread about a guy who stripped his engine for the first time and found 3/4 of it welded !!!!   theirs a few saying they are and a few saying they are not :/ 

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All the EFE engines had factory welded cranks and some of the earlier E models had too. I don't know (or recall) the exact point when the E models started to have welded cranks but it's somewhere around '82. Maybe at the same time when they switched to bigger taper on the flywheel.

The factory welded cranks are good for some power if they are otherwise in good shape. For example my stock '83 E engine was running fine for quite long time at 200hp power. But if you are looking for some serious power and want it to be reliable too it's better to get the crank checked and built by someone who knows these cranks. The factory tolerances are too loose for serious use.

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