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Slingshot headlights.

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I have a slingshot faring in headlights on my Bandit. I wanted to check with a slingshot owner on the operation of the dual headlights. Mine currently has low beam on the left headlight high beam on the right headlight and the low  beam is insufficient for nighttime riding.

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It depends on where the bike was sold new. 

My 750L is an European version (sold new in the Netherlands), low beam and high beam work on both headlights.

If yours has H4 light bulbs it is easy to connect both lamps together. But it would be better to use a relay if not already there (J and K have it from the factory). 

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12 hours ago, Damienga15de said:

My 750 M had a h4 high and low in the left headlight and a h7? with an adaptor in the right headlight

Fairly sure that's an adaptation as both lights should be H4 Low and High beam capable.

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Mine has both high and low beam on both bulbs. US spec. The hi/lo bar switch is used to power a relay coil to switch the voltage to each filament due to the amperage draw of the filaments do as no to burn up the hi/lo switch.  If you are using LEDs the amperage is considerably less.  I've got some excellent SIS wire (tin plated copper, high jacket temp rated) that is perfect for wiring bikes if you need some, free of course.   Im just down the road from you. Text me if interested. 

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