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  1. The wheels are from a mk2 bandit 1200 (though I don't think there's any difference between mk1 and mk2 wheels besides the spoke pattern) The slingshot has a quite large spacer on the caliper side that covers the bearings whereas the bandit has a top hat spacer that fits inside the bearing seal (slingshot doesn't have a bearing seal). The difference between these spacers' widths appears to be the same as the difference in caliper hanger width on the spindle. Bandit - narrow spacer & wide caliper hanger : Slingshot - wide spacer & narrow caliper hanger I think my sprocket
  2. I have bandit wheels in my 1100l. I used the bandit RHS spacer and the slingshot LHS spacer and the rear lines up nicely (sprocket bolts are very close to swingarm but not contacting.) ...with bandit caliper hanger
  3. I just wedged a load of bits of pipe insulation down between the lamp bowl and the rearmost plastic housing (4 on 'fiche) It stopped the bowls rattling about and the lights are pointed forwards still. (My adjusters will just fall to bits if I try to move them.)
  4. Mk2 has pairs valve ports on the front of the block, and a threaded output shaft for the speedo sensor. I can't think of any other differences (other than carb spacing but this is changed with inlet rubbers - the heads are the same) *to the best of my limited knowledge
  5. My 1100L has dipped and main (and side) on both lamps.
  6. It was the sidestand switch. Right on the money Wee Man. Cheers, I owe you a beer.
  7. Thanks for your input guys, much appreciated. Funny you should mention the sidestand switch. It's been pretty flakey for a while now. (Sometimes I have to kick the stand in hard for the bike to allow me to leave. (Was thinking to bend the tab on the stand out a bit to ensure switch depression....but I always forget when getting home) Tomorrow I'll take it somewhere quiet so as not to irritate the neighbours and see if I can make >7krpm in neutral. (Will do a wiring check 1st) Many thanks.
  8. Hi folks, Having spent some time in Antarctica for work, and then getting home just in time for this poxy lockdown, my bike got it's 1st run out in months today. It runs nicely up to just under 7k rpm, then pops a loud bang, rev counter reads at zero for a second (with total loss of power), then the bike continues running until Near 7k rpm when it does the same...every time. I plan to have a look at my valve clearances tomorrow. Can you suggest any other constructive avenues of inquiry? (1990 GSXR1100L) Cheers, Magoo.
  9. Yes indeed. That looks mint.
  10. That all makes sense now. I hadn't considered adding extensions to the swingarm shock mounting. Cheers, mate.
  11. Thanks mate, How have you attached the shock to the swingarm? I see your shock sits higher than the eye that you've welded to the arm.
  12. Any chance you could show a close up of your rear shock mount (swingarm end)? I'm looking for inspiration as to swingarm options for my mag2
  13. My 1100L didn't have one when I got it, and I've never since thought that it required one.
  14. on stock sprockets, you shoud get 12 pulses per rear wheel revolution 45(rear)/15(front)X4(sensor) It's possible that the sensor requires only 5v power....my Koso had a warning not to supply 12v to the sensor as a 12v pulse returning to the speedo may damage the meter. (The meter has a 5v sensor supply wired from it.)
  15. Magoo

    Slingshot discs

    Top man! Many thanks for that.
  16. Hi folks, Do you know if the front discs from later watercooled slingshots will fit my 1100l? (same diameter/offset etc?) I seem to remember reading that they are the same but I'd like verification before I go buying some on eblag. Cheers.
  17. Gen1 busa shock is suitable for the mk2 frame. I don't think its good for a mk1 as the lengths are different. (Can't remember if too short or long.)
  18. I can't get my filter out through my micron headers on my slingshot
  19. You can use an aftermarket speedo with the mk2 bandit speed sensor. I have my Koso like so on a mk2 1200. It's easy enough (and wheel sensors look ugly) To calibrate it, just multiply your sprocket ratio by 4 pulses/wheel revolution (i.e. mine is 15/45 so 12 pulses/rev) (if you're using the bandit 4 way crennelated sensor nut/pickup thingy)
  20. Early Busa shocks are a nice fit if it's a mk2 Bandit
  21. Magoo


    My Mk2 has straight spokes. is 1200
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