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  1. S1000rr works great in my 750 M and some lust racing jack up dogbones really help get some good front end feeling back, the electrical gubbinbs under the battery tray need to be moved but swing up around the fusebox perfect and the only real job is to extend the starter cable to the relay. The electrics are better up there anyway out of the elements better
  2. It's definitely a mikuni has a part number and the squares symbol, part numbers almost the same as a 1127 40mm carb needle.
  3. The length might not be an issue but I wouldn't be happy with the slop in the retaining clip/washer have you modified anything to suit the 2.55mm diameter
  4. The needle jets are standard 631 0-8 I wonder is the 6zd14 needle a superceded part number I can't find any reference to them anywhere
  5. Did you use the needles? Iv sent a mail asking them, they appear to be 5 series needles not 6 series
  6. It's loose in the slide I'm not doing much more until factory pro reply it's 2.5mm diameter standards 3mm
  7. Measurements are poor the digital calipers got wet
  8. Oil cooled, came off a 750M
  9. Bst40ss come with a 6ZD13-3 closest I can find
  10. So iv gone about putting in my factory pro kit in my bst38 from the 750 Carbs measure 38mm Jets all as per Haynes manual Needle is a 6DZ14 it should be a 6ZD7-3 according to the Haynes The needles in the kit are much shorter and thinner Has anyone any ideas? Maybe someone has been butchering before me?
  11. I need this too, a bolt on solution would be great
  12. I have a mix of early k series coils on my 750M, the resistances are the same but the lenghts are different.
  13. Iv a BMW in my M , i find it perfect for fast road and plenty of adjustment left , and im 100kg on it , i run 10kg springs in front and have a near perfect balance now,
  14. i was going to glue mine but it was basically dust , bought a second hand clock, lasted 2 spins broke off again
  15. Iv done the bearings this evening slightly better feeling but I think I need to do the little spherical one too. I’m going to get some dimensions tomorrow , I wonder does it actually need to be a spherical all the linkage bearings are straight so no twisting there , the only reason I can see is to allow the shock to twist a bit
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