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  1. stellafella

    Slabbie headlight cover clear

    Straight fit for me, and 3mm ,put some little rubber washers either side of it
  2. stellafella

    slingshot front fork on a slabbie

    30 x 47 x 12 taper roller from marksman industrial mate
  3. stellafella

    Turbo project continues...

    Looks like k1 k2 1000 forks mate
  4. stellafella

    Slabbie headlight cover clear

    On a well known auction site £25, got one on my 11 Put in slabside headlight protector
  5. stellafella

    slingshot front fork on a slabbie

    Search function top right of screen mate, 750m on mine
  6. stellafella

    Service manuals

    1999 srad 750 forks & wheel
  7. stellafella

    Service manuals

    Ive used carl slater.com to download manuals mate, alphasports or a good suzuki website should give you an parts drawing of an srad front end.
  8. stellafella

    Which Triple Tree to fit 54/56mm forks !?

    I have a 1000 k8 forks on one of my bikes, always found the ride quite harsh, put different springs in and oil , still run settings on the soft side. Thought the forks were fucked so got another set and they are the same, Mind you the roads in Hampshire are shit. Have 600/750 k6 on my slingshot and they are much better.
  9. stellafella

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  10. stellafella

    BST36 mikuni float needles and seats

    I've used Allen's performance recently for new genuine mikuni needles, pretty good and cheap
  11. stellafella

    slabside petrol cap

    Not so bad, hardest part was getting the top circlip out from under the cover without damaging it, used a small screwdriver and scribe and it popped out , and the little locating pins were tricky, very lucky that only one pin needed filling down for my key to work. Pushing the spring back and fitting the second bigger circlip was a bit tricky. Pic of the parts in order
  12. stellafella

    slabside petrol cap

    Iam to tight for that, I'll give it a go and see what happens
  13. stellafella

    slabside petrol cap

    Has anybody managed to take the filler cap apart to hopefully change/adjust the lock pins. my ignition and fuel cap have different keys, would like to have just 1 key to fit both.
  14. stellafella

    Gsxr750m slingshot carb help

    The little o rings on the vacuum takeoffs under the lid and the little o rings behind the spring/ washer on the pilots are good ones to check, also the o rings behind the inlet boots.
  15. stellafella

    Gsxr750m slingshot carb help

    They're the balance springs for tuning up you carbs, sync 1+2 together, with the adjustment screw, then 3+4 together with that adjustment screw. Then match your two sets of sync carbs with the middle adjustment screw, they all need springs above and below the plate