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  1. Use a 14 mm hex bolt with two nuts locked together farther up the thread , then a socket onto the nuts.
  2. Correct for my 'M' slingshot. Small separate light above the main lights and both high and low beam work together via relays
  3. I get my carb parts from Allen's performance in Nottingham. Good service and helpful
  4. Are there hose springs on the hose mate ,one of my lines pinched on my slingshot, put the springs back on and sorted it straight away. Just give them more form and stops them nipping closed.
  5. Had something similar with my slabby recently, similar to you, get to a certain revs and lost the tacho and pops and farts. traced it to the wires going to the coil pack, terminal connector had opened and it was lose on the spade on the coilpack, I just squashed it back together with pylers to get it tight again. glad you got it sorted
  6. I trimmed the mounting lugs for the barrel on the top yoke, moving it up mate
  7. I've got 91 750 m front on mine , slingshot wheels, and a sus linkage from funkymonk Mark Works nice
  8. have you swapped it with the working coil on the bike ?
  9. I used a caustic soda wash for a minute or two on a bit at a time, then wash off with plenty fresh water, then scotch pad, takes the anodising pretty good .
  10. Yup, rode it through winter last and my slingshot this winter. Wash down every week or so and gt85 it again.
  11. Took the anodising off my slab and slingshot and scotch padded it using gt85. Real ball ache to rub the anodising off but worth it.
  12. My mistake with the part number mate, this is the part that I used to stop my headlight moving around, bought 2 but only replaced the one. What I found was one section of the socket had broken causing it to move about
  13. part 35155-04A00 only about a fiver
  14. Replace the plastic socket, they are still available. same happened to mine
  15. I lay the engine on a couple old tyres and lift the frame over.
  16. Looking at the torque arm lug makes me wonder if it's a later model srad swinger, Was the srad pivot and axle bolts 20mm ? Have a feeling they were bigger. Looking like I'll have to make the spacers up
  17. Cheers Clive, your a star.
  18. My fault, perhaps I should have been a bit clearer in my first post, can anybody confirm it's a bandit swingarm or does anybody have the measurement of a bandit swingarm pivot and rear wheel width. Cheers
  19. Ive offered it up to my slingshot frame and it about 12mm shy on width at the pivot mate
  20. front pivot is 20mm and the axle is also 20mm cheers
  21. Morning, picked up this swingarm for a project. I think it's for a bandit, measurements are 223mm at the pivot and 260mm at the rear, can anyone shed some light on its origin Hopefully it's going to have a new home in a slingshot , Iam already aware of the need spacers for the front pivot Thanks in advance
  22. Done it today, slot was fucked on the head, so screwdriver no good, fizzy tank, for 30 minutes, then carefully drilled down with a 2.5 drill and beat a t10 into the hole, managed to get the first one out, shagged the second carb, 50- 50 mate.
  23. Have K2 1000 on my 90 1127. Needed to spread the headers a little, but done it by hand Definitely k1&2 will fit, I think k3&4 were titanium as well. Super light
  24. Got this which might help,downloaded some time ago, its the plates to put k1 rearsets on, but does have the centre to centre spacing , sizing is a little different to above
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