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Head Gasket


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So I got to thinking this morning, whilst looking at the collection of parts I have for the engine build... If I am using b12 barrels and pistons that have a bigger bore....and a dot head from  a 750 that has a smaller chamber... Which bloody cylinder head gasket do I need ?? My guess would be gasket from a b12, but am I right ?

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2 hours ago, ELLESS said:

You know you can get some moor comp.for free, take away two of the three shits of the headgasket,clean it and spray it with Loctite Gasket.

You'd want to make sure you don't exceed the minimum needed for squish doing that! 

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Keep to the standard b12 head gasket (y) mite be ok taking bits off a head gasket on a race bike engine that you strip at the end of each season but for the road dose not sound a good idea to me, if you want that extra comp, get the head skimmed and do it right ;)

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Taking layers out of head gaskets is fine, as long as the squish is ok. 0.9mm is safe on these. 0.7mm if you're feeling racey. 

Other issue with Dot head is the valves are longer and closer to the piston before you start. So if skimming the head or modifying the gasket, check valve to piston clearance.

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Well, I aint looking for a race bike. I want more bottom end and mid range grunt. So after reading lots on this forum, I might well keep the 1200 engine semi standard. Do a bit of head filling, dial in some cams and fit the carbs and ignition of the 1100K. Could be the best way forward to achieve what I want...

Fortunately the dot head, K cams etc etc should sell  on Fleabay enabling me to get the rest of the bits I need to get the bike finished for Easter weekend 2020.....


Decisions decisions... Love it when the plan is almost formulated and then gets destroyed, by another plan......


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