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  1. Jaydee

    Oil cooler

    An extra wide 16 row cooler probably has the same or close to cooling surface area as a 19 row standard width cooler.
  2. Yes 2 different sizes, 15mm and 17mm on SACS engines. 15mm for bandit and slingshot, 17mm for slabbys. For example, thats why an 1166 gasket is never sold as an 1186 gasket even though both gaskets are for an 80mm bore. All because the seal hole sizes are different on 1052 and 1127 barrels.
  3. Is this what you're after?
  4. Leave it with me. I have a load of Ohlins stuff on the pc. I 'll have a this evening.
  5. Srads have a speedo cable drive, don't they? On the left side it should have 4 tabs, any two engage the tabs on the speedo cable drive.
  6. 312mm eye to eye with a 70mm stroke.
  7. That's for the mk.1 bandit 12. The mk.2 has a different set of carbs. The dynojet data is spot on for mk.2 carbs. Think the mixtures screw are around 3.5 turns out as standard (mk.1 carbs would be 2 to 2.5 turns out)
  8. Did you check the heads torqued down to the proper spec?
  9. Had a look at a couple of spare Ohlins I have. This shock shown is a gsxr 1100 item so this confirms the codes were superseded with new ones. SU8050 is now SU003 (gsxr750 88-95) SU9050 is now SU002 (gsxr1100 89-98)
  10. See where I'm pointing? That's the part you measure for piston diameter.
  11. And gsxr 1100 slingshot.
  12. Opps, my bad. Yeah, 58mm. Note to self, don't measure anything after....
  13. SU805 is TL1000S but, SU8050 is gsxr 750 88-95 You have to follow the rest of the SU805 reference data along that line and you see its a completely different type of shock, (fixed reservoir) Most of the problem lies with the fact people are using an old superseded Ohlins code and using it to cross reference NEW codes and ending up giving totally inaccurate info on which shock it is.
  14. 48mm Dezza. Just after checking a spare 1100 head that was on the bench.
  15. Nearer to the SU003 shock. The SU002 is almost the same shock but has a 70mm stroke over the SU003's 67mm stroke, along with beefier spring for an 1100. The rebuild kit should be the same as it's more about the reconditioning the piston rather than the whole shock.
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