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  1. No need to go near as it's screwed to the frame, the bolt slides through it.
  2. Try using a mallet instead of a hammer. Less chance of damaging threads. It will move once you break the dry bond. Spray some penetrating oil on the bolt end to help beforehand. Then clamp a vice-grips on the bolt head and wiggle it out the rest of the way.
  3. And check the HT lead for cracks.
  4. Nope all interchangeable. The 750 versions tend to be shorter than their 1127 counterparts.
  5. Is this with the exhaust camshaft sitting it place without being bolted down? I always find that the arrow points a tiny bit downwards past the rocker surface until you start tightening down the cam caps. Then the angle of the cam wheel changes angle as camshaft gets tightened down. Before install of cams, I pull the cam chain over to the mating surface and mark the pin above it with a tyre marker. Then I know the arrow has to point below this pin.
  6. Now you sad it. Loads of rags covering everything, two ends of the cam chain tied in place to stop them slipping back. The little plates are a ball ache. I found the best way to get the link and plates on was to use two small allen keys and keep feeding them in and out as you get the 3 inside plates stitched in place, then as you feed out the allen keys out, start feeding in the pins on the split link and pop on the outside plate. Not a job to be at the morning after the night before.
  7. I'd start with the easy stuff first. Bandit engines can be quiet tappet'y if one of the exhaust collars work loose. And they can run with the timing out by TWO teeth. Well the one I opened did! (stretched cam chain.) The last two bandit hi-vo cam chains I changed were split link (engine still in bike) Just daisy chain on to the old chain. Hardest part is fitting the in between links before you deform the split link. Easy to check the the pins are mushroomed over. Each pin is 2.4mm diameter, flared ends were 2.7mm when finished. Never had any issues with open ended cam chains.
  8. Doesn't matter which way you put the terminals on a coil. Works either way around as long as you have right pair of terminals for that coil.
  9. Perfectly fine. The lobes aren't meant to be symmetrical.
  10. Getting a bad seal on that float needle. Replace the needle if there's no debris holding it open.
  11. Why does it not fit? Have you checked to see if you can swap the bearings in the K series wheel to match the WP axle?
  12. Yeah that's a Micron system. Can't say if it's a Delta, just know it's Micron. Had that same type along with a carbon Micron 3 bolt race can on my bandit 12 before I changed over to a full Akrapovic 4-2-1 system.
  13. Yes, very easy to tell mk.1 and 2 forks apart if you go by the mudguard mounts. Mk.1 has the bolts on the top which bolt through a brace plate (just like R.W.U. slingshot forks), whereas mk2 forks mudguards mount from the side. Also mk.2 left fork does not have the a tab for holding the speedo drive from turning.
  14. Seriously doubt it would bend. No load on the middle of the pivot bolt and it's kept square on the bushings either end.
  15. I used the w/c crush tube. The smaller slingshot bushings can't fall in to the w/c crush tube as long as they are secured to the flush fitting w/c bushings, i.e made in to one piece bushings.
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