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  1. You maybe a moron, but you are the best kind of moron... Lovely lovely bikes mate... Women can be replaced alot easier than GS1000S's..Tell her not to forget that.
  2. Yup, sure will. As above, you may need to make an extended bracket.
  3. If its just the yokes you are after, get the one from the bike the forks came off. Failing that, you can always have a set made up of nice billet alloy. Theres a set of yokes on fleabay for the 91 750 GSXR for £120.
  4. Always best to introduce yourself in the relevant section mate and then ask a question. There's a huge amount of knowledge on here and the majority of folk are happy to help out. But manors cost nowt and go along way. Now to the famous search facility on here... The folks of OSS do like it when you use the search facility and can get a bit vexed when questions are asked 1000's of times and the answers posted as many times to... Thing is (As I found out) you really need a search facility to search the search facility..... You also need to type in the correct word or it will churn up millio
  5. Found one... Just need to type the right thing into the search facility huh.. Cheers chaps
  6. Ok, I have sourced a MK1 1200 CDI box, and a MK1wiring harness for the plugs. Having had a look at the wiring diagram for a MK1 Blandit, I am struggling to see how the ignition system wires up. there is an Orange/White wire going to both coils and to the kill/start switch. But thats it. It dosent seem to go into the CDI unit at all. On a GSXR it does go to the CDI. So how does this side power up ? Do any of you kind souls have a basic race/chop ignition wiring diagram you can let me see please ? FOUND ONE, Just gotta type the right thing into the search huh......
  7. You may be right, I dunno. I have ordered some 100ohm 2W jobbies. So hopefully it will do the trick.... Cheers Guys.
  8. Any particular watt rating for this ? I seen one thats alluminium clad with max power of 50W or one at 25W.
  9. Yus.... thats the one. Bloody marvelous. Thanks Capt. Now I need a 1200 bandit CDI... Fleabay here I come
  10. Bugger. So if I get a bandit mk1 cdi, is there anything that needs bypassing or wiring in. I am using an aftermarket 2 wire ignition switch, and the bamdit pickups/plate. I thought I read somewhere about some fancy resistor or whatever on the ignition side that will stop the bike running if not wired up....
  11. Hi all. So I am now down to the wiring on the Gsxr/Bandit/Whatever bits fit bike.This is now a 1200 bandit engine, with a GSXR CDI. Looking at the loom that was in there, I decided the best course of action was to junk it. It was a right ole birds nest of an affair. So I got me a wiring diagram and off I sets. Couldnt figure out why the wiring from the CDI was different, despite having the correct diagram for the K model and 1200 Bandit the bikes nearly based on. Anyway, my CDI has the wires going into it, rather than on a plug that plug into the cdi, there are then 3 plugs on the end of the
  12. All this info is very good guys, but I cant help think that we are missing the main point here in this thread, sod all the porting and tuning and dyno figures. But god damn that Betty Rubble has a fantastic figure.. what an arse..... Thanks go to Gixer1460 for inadvertently pointing that out to me....
  13. Does this not connect into the wiring for the original CDI rather than replace it ?
  14. Here's a tip, when you want to put the slides back in and the diaphragm keeps popping out of it recess so you cant put the top on... stick the slides on your radiator overnight. It will shrink them back down to size.
  15. I am gonna start with 130 mains, 47.5 pilots and I have dynojet needles set at 4th slot from the top. Mixture screws 2 3/4 turns out. Gotta start somewhere and this seems to be a fair decent start point according to some folk.
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