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  1. Hi, is there a difference in lenght between the 750 and the 1100 Gsxr 1989 mod?
  2. Hi Baldrik, are the " holy" ones for sale?
  3. Dont eat anyth. for 6 weeks,and you be all goodiegoodie.
  4. Hey Mates,And A Happy New Year to You all.Is that weigt incl. forkoil?
  5. Thank You,this is going too be expensive,but WTF you have one life.
  6. Nice pics Dunc, whit what carbs,cams and exhaust?
  7. Hi Kivi,I found these fotos on the I net. Are supposed to be very good. Good luck with the old cow!
  8. Hi Ice, yes look at the first picture,top right,little blue sqare with four white swiches.
  9. Hi, is there anyone who have tryed this box? What color is Pos. and Neg. in to the box?
  10. ELLESS

    Head Gasket

    I have done it without any problems 2018,2019, only make my bike go faster, you only take away 0,5 mm.
  11. ELLESS

    Head Gasket

    You know you can get some moor comp.for free, take away two of the three shits of the headgasket,clean it and spray it with Loctite Gasket.
  12. Hi guys, is this a good idea? 3/4 " alu.pipe as a, combo, crankvent., chainlube?
  13. ELLESS

    The Beast!

    Nooo ,do you want to dance?
  14. ELLESS

    The Beast!

    I am a shorty! Thanks!
  15. ELLESS

    The Beast!

    He He what are You tacking abbout?
  16. ELLESS

    The Beast!

    This is My Beast, want too Try too beat it ? Welcome!
  17. Yeah,I did some adj. too the bits that drive the gen.Give away all your secrets,there are only nice Suzuki fans here!
  18. I will remove the whole starterapp. from the crank,have you tried that? Will i have problem with the balans,vibration?
  19. ELLESS

    BST 36 mm.

    Sorry, if this have been asked a hundred times, but what are your opinion about drilling the slides by 3,2 mm. 0125" and cutting off 2 coils from the spring,all to the Mikuni BST36.
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