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  1. Don't know what clocks your going to use, but they are different between the 1100 & the 750 et.
  2. That's just it there not worn out and they work as well as the ikon shocks I have, its just I would like to get them looking better.
  3. The reason I was asking was so I could take the springs off and get them re chromed. I assume that the shock body does not come apart so will not be able to have that re chromed, or does someone know different ????.
  4. I will take that as a no then.
  5. Hi everyone, Could any of you clever lads tell me if its possible to have the rear shocks on my 1100 ET rebuilt, or at least if they can be taken apart . Thanks.
  6. If that's all there is I don't think its to bad. The worst is the clutch cable mount, just need to find a COMPETENT welder, as for the pickup cover bolt issue try using chemical metal, devcon or similar . The rest are a job for helicoils . Hope this is some help. Good luck.
  7. Sorted, connected to + terminal no light. Thanks for replies.
  8. Just finished rewiring my 1981 ET, the only concern is the wire for the battery level censor. Seeing as the battery does not have the fitting for this, where does the wire go to. When the engine is started the battery warning light on the console stays on, I want it to go off as it should. Please don't say take the bulb out. Any help welcome. Thanks xxx.
  9. Bought an EFE A reg (1983) a few years ago, when I took apart I noticed a D stamped on the end of the cams. I have checked them against other cams from ETs & kat,s, looked in books etc but know mention of a D. Any ideas please.
  10. Well I have just learnt something new. Thanks.
  11. Try Roger Upperton in Leeds.07741 456257.
  12. As title says. Is there a preference as to which swing arm you should use, ie early or late model. Thanks . Still want to use twin shock.
  13. What sort of price does Exhaust Craft charge for a 4into1 for an 1100 et.
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