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  1. Isn't the midpipe supposed to be slotted. You cant clamp down if you got nowhere for the midpipe to move. //Hasse.
  2. You got any pictures of it? What partnr or you got a link to the downpipe? //Hasse.
  3. Ignitionswitch/key or bad connections on battery. That's where i would start. //Hasse.
  4. Welcome to OSS, even though you been on here for ages. You know what they say, Pictures....
  5. Welcome or welcome back to OSS. General chat maybe, even though it's nothing general about it. Go for it. //Hasse.
  6. Or at https://www.kfm-motorraeder.de/cms/en/genuine-spare-parts/suzuki-spare-parts?itemid=1284049201000 For 46€, take your pick.
  7. The 100Hp in Sweden, was restricted in the exhaust with a smaller hole in the header, like a washer.
  8. ES looks like it's a -83 years model. (1074cc) EF is a -84 or newer. (1135cc)
  9. Hello and welcome to OSS. Key/Ignition components coroded.
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