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  1. If it is 4 pulses on the frontsprocket you need ~12 on the rear
  2. What is your own thoughts about your setup? How does the brakes "feel" ? //Hasse.
  3. Put an oriface in on each tube to dampen the pulsating as you do when syncronizing carburators. (I hope this makes sense) //Hasse.
  4. Looking at Partzilla, there isn't any GS550E 1980 just 1979 and then you get this: https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/motorcycle/1979/gs550e/fuel-cock Which is for GS550E 1977-79 only 44300-47011 I hope this helps, Hasse.
  5. Definetly to much paint if that is the case, since there should be none under the valvecover.
  6. This is what came up first when i GOOGLED it. I know GOOGLE is amazing. (Use at your own risk) BEARING, 12X26X16 Tillverkare: Suzuki OEM Parts Artikelnr: 09269-12004 This company i know nothing about. https://www.vvibefall.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=803035 This company i have ordered from. https://www.bike-parts-suz.de/suzuki-motorrad/zuordnung_der_ersatzteile/0926912004000
  7. Swap connectors TO ignitioncoils if you by accident have switched them.
  8. Helicoil, or did i missunderstand your question?
  9. Will a GSXF600 88-92 fit the bill? There is 2 for sale in UK on "that site" And 1 GSXF750 also.
  10. Perfect example why some people shouldn't be left unattended and absolutelly shouldnt handle tools. But it amuses me that it's your swing and not mine. But seriously, do something with what you got.
  11. Still got all measurements right, might be worth a shot. Pictures of said pig.
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