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  1. 38mm carburettors are measured inside, the outside is bigger........
  2. https://www.blocket.se/stockholm/Suzuki_GSX1100_EF_87720060.htm?aw=1 https://www.blocket.se/stockholm/Suzuki_GSX1100_EF_87719913.htm?aw=1
  3. https://www.autoscout24.de/angebote/suzuki-gsx-1100-benzin-weiss-dad83d90-b46a-e20e-e053-e250040ac5aa?cldtidx=15 Oh and i found a KAT with a hideous seat https://www.autoscout24.de/angebote/suzuki-gsx-1100-benzin-schwarz-5cce5689-e5c1-e32e-e053-e250040ad2f2?cldtidx=8
  4. Welcome to OSS, nice bike.
  5. You have to spread the pipes apart , other than that it should work. 2240gram is the weight of mine. Isn't installed yet but will be fitted to GSX1100F engine.
  6. If you change to GSXR1000 K1-K2 original exhaust 4-2-1 they are made of Ti and really light
  7. Like this? https://www.Eblag.com/itm/Front-Sprocket-15-Tooth-Pitch-525-For-Kawasaki-ZX-6R-600-G-Ninja-1998-1999/143003648616 https://www.Eblag.com/itm/JT-Front-Sprocket-16T-525-Pitch-JTF296-16-Gurls blouse-VT-600-C-Shadow-1999-2000/332754586977
  8. Great, you can never have to many.......
  9. What are you waiting for. GO GET IT. And @ElBlanditoyour only half way across, right.
  10. Ha ha ha, don't we all........... Go get 'em.
  11. You realy have the skillz.
  12. SKF the Swedish brand are obviously better.
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