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  1. I've got one in mine, it is attached to the seat unit not the frame though, I can try and get pics if you like?
  2. @davecara to the rescue, cheers bud!
  3. Evening chaps and chapesses. I'm looking at fitting a Slabby taillight to the tail unit I've got but i need to ensure its going to actually fit unlike the one I've already bought...... If someone would be awesome enough to get some dimensions off theirs so I can check what available space i have on the seat unit that'd be great!!
  4. Well that's the job jobbed, thanks to everyone who chipped in and helped and thanks to @Jaydeefor that spec sheet, worked a treat, must admit, having to ride it has rekindled my hatred for trikes but also my love for 8v air-cooled, so a win-lose situation
  5. What an absolute dude!! Cheers matey, that couldn't be anyore useful 25 unredeemable OSS points to you sir!
  6. Found the seal size, looks like they're gs1000 which makes life easier, looks like @Swiss Toni wins some totally unredeemable OSS points, just need to consult my autodata book for oil weight and amount, psi in the forks then we're good......unless someone has a gs1000 Haynes handy and fancies having a flick through please
  7. also, iirc the final ratio of the 750 and the 1100 are damned near the same so as above, unless you like changing gear alot more stick to the 5 speed
  8. im heading back over to his after work to measure the forks again and see if i can spy a measurement on the seal, why cant life be easy
  9. Looks like there are a few options for the 37mm forks.......damn, need to go back and take an inner measurement.....why can't things be simple
  10. Evening chaps (and chapesses) I need to supply and fit a set of fork seals to my friends GS750G After scouring the interwebs I've found that it may have a different set of GS forks ( these are bigger at 37mm) Would anyone here be able to ID them for me please so I can get the right seals Cheers in advance!
  11. I wasn't sure if any would do as with the heat and the petrol fumes thought they may fail
  12. Sorting some B12 carbs out for a fella I know, he's had his fingers in them and I've found that he's lost the 4 O-rings that go under the carb top vacuum points, I've found them on for £5.50 each but think he'll soil himself when I tell him, do we know anywhere that may do these cheaper? Cheers (Number 15)
  13. Where I say crack I meant break in to 2 pieces. Referring back to the levers, I've had 4 or 5 sets on various bikes and never had an issue with then
  14. Even OEM parts fail, E.G. I've known loads of bandit right hand foot rests fail and crack near the master cylinder, yet people still use them. it's the law of reviews with stuff like this, you could sell 1000 items, 990 like your things yet less than a third would leave a good review, those other 10, most not them will leave a bad review to warn people off and that's what potential customers will see, they would be aware that the other 990 have been faultless
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