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  1. Back to it changed jobs so been busy
  2. Cleaning up frame lugs and bolt holes started putting trestle design in side panels,, it's just gona be tank and seat no plastics,
  3. That's why I'm building this got a spare 1127 gsxr engine and spare frame and brought a rolling chassis for 80 quid might Ave spares myself,, cause haven't got alot of dosh to finish the drag slabside and streetfighter gsxr ,, this is gona be a cheap bike "yes it is I hear you all snigger" being a steel frame I can do all the work myself,
  4. That abit better thay was already cut back
  5. Chains, rivets, big bolts lol it is a powerscreen never gona be light,, lol
  6. I'm 50 50 like the chain idea but yes I'm not scared to be different but don't want it to kill me,, afew mot guys say yes some say no , , I don't like just bolting on shit to make it look different so might just reweld the stops on maybe adjustable
  7. 35 views nobody,, wonder I don't bother with oss anymore been a member for years still the same,,
  8. Any body have problems with mot using chains as lock stops??
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