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  1. you are right , i forget that it will be on an et so it will be visible all the time on a kat it is nearly impossible to spot
  2. that is the easiest and cheapest way seen it myself on a german kat meeting and want to do it myself just did´nt do it because i got the chance of buying a bandit yoke with the conversion for silly cheap money
  3. hi all could someone please tell me the correct dimensions of nr 41 ? looks like they are out of stock from suzuki no problem to hacksaw 2 but in the correct length would be good thanks in advance rené
  4. sadlay i don´t maybe someone on here got one ? i´ll ask in the koc if you want to greetings rené
  5. no differences known except the bottom middle motormounts (different position) in germany there is a paper from suzuki that the frame is the same and that it is allowed to mount a 1100 motor in the 750 frame
  6. all german bikes got that problem as well .. you get used to it if not , do as baldrick says : relocate the position of the spring "holder" on the frame
  7. i really really like that a lot !!! is there something wrong with me ? a forget it , don´t answer me ...................
  8. the german kat meeting happens from 28.06. - 30.06.2019 in bliesen sankt wendel any sorts of old skool suzukis are welcome !! come by and drink beer
  9. its like schrödingers gearbox if you never open the box it could be right and not right
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