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  1. So....had the 1127 dyno'd today. Made 105 !!!!! Problem is over fuelling at top of rev range,lean at tick over but makes good power midrange. Running 6sigma carb kit:- 150 main,32.5 pilot,needle spaced as per instructions. Bst36 carbs,4-1 a16 stainless system,pipercross pods. everything else as is. 1st graph is full throttle run,2nd is throttle open whilst changing gear. Leans right off then riches up again after sticking next gear. Any help,advice,sarcasm etc great fully appreciated.
  2. Cheers bud. Think it's going to be the best option.
  3. Confused as to why I can buy 2,3 and 4 but suzuki stopped making no 1 ! Obviously a reason but annoying cos I want to mount my 38s. Any other suggestions appreciated.
  4. Good morning. Its 04:12 and eyes wide open so pondering on what is the best exhaust set up for this 600/1127. Sourced some bts38s. Carb set up also. Pods or box ? Ignition advanced? Engine out of frame at mo. Amy other info greatly appreciated.
  5. Finding it impossible to find replacement seat plastics for bandit 6 that aren't cracked or missing lugs ! Dont much like the unatec units. Can I fit another something else that doesn't ideally require too much hacking,grinding and welding. TIA.
  6. Thought I'd ask. Never hurts to ask but ta for info.
  7. I have been told that these are 38 mm off gsxr 750. Can anyone id. For 1127 engine
  8. Mk1 bandit carbs nearly as expensive as flatslides so was thinking of them !
  9. It came with b6 carbs. It ran shite but didn't know about carbs till I took them off. Riding with 127bhp xjr 1300, so wanna be able to beat him lol. Mates a bragged but all in jest.
  10. Still struggling to source carbs so what are the best recommendations for my standard engine 1127 ? B12,flatslides etc ? Ta
  11. He measured the inlet internal diameter. I'm taking 600 carbs to compare.
  12. Morning guys. Been offered a set of carbs off of above bike. Will they work on 1127 ? Fettling etc ? They are 36's TIA
  13. Hi peeps. Could I get 33mm carbs to work with 1127 ? Jetting filters etc. TIA
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