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  1. Any of you done this swap? I'm looking to swap in a 1982 gs1100e motor. Is it just the bottom front mount that is different? Thank you
  2. I'm getting tired of the same old multifunction gauges from Koso and the like. Has anyone been able to use a newer digital dash from a gsxr on an 80's air cooled bike. Specifically getting the tach and speedo to work? Thanks guys
  3. Anyone with a gsxr1100 front end swap know if the speedometer drive gear ratio will make gs1000/850/750 speedometer accurate?
  4. I'm sure this has been covered somewhere before but I am having no luck searching. 1987 Gsxr1100: I'm looking for a source for the adapters to run either 4-pot Nissin or 6-pot Tociko calipers Thanks in advance!
  5. Well yes it is. I thought I'd start researching and collecting parts for another build during this shutdown. Hi Mark! I lost your contact information. Sorry to hear your project has stalled. let me know if I can help. Cheers, Gary
  6. Well yes it is. I thought I'd start researching and collecting parts for another build during this shutdown.
  7. Hi guys! Starting a new project and have lost my files. I need a source to purchase the top hat spacers and weld on shock mounts to put a B12 swinger into a GS frame. Thank you
  8. I did not fully document the build with a thread. Yes it is a TL1000R swingarm. Had that done along with the frame/headset mods.
  9. Thanks everyone for your expertise. My Katana is done!
  10. Hi Guys!I have a 2004 gsxr rear wheel for this project. I need to move the sprocket inward towards the center line. Is there another models sprocket carrier that would drop into this wheel and have the sprocket closer to the center line? I will post in the Water cooled section as well. Thank you
  11. Hi guys, Looking through my spares room got me thinking ( could be dangerous! ) Is the head off a gs1100 a direct swap onto a gs1150? also, Will the crank and barrels off of the gs1150 drop into the GS1100 cases? Thanks,
  12. I can get 94 at most places, It's all I run in any of my bikes.
  13. Yeah, I'm not easy on the throttle either. Gas is relatively cheap here in Canada. lol I was thinking of closing up the centers a bit ( somewhere around 106/108) to create some overlap and take advantage of the carbs ability to breathe better.
  14. Hi Guys, I'm ready to adjust cam timing on my GSX1100. APE (Greg Cope) recommends 110 degrees both intake and exhaust. Anyone else have a different recommendation? The motor has oem pistons, Fresh valve seats, Mikuni RS36's and a Motogpwerks exhaust. Thanks
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