What a difference a week makes!

Just seven days ago we had just a handful of test group members, a few posts and  threads and a lot of work to do. A week later and we have 430 members, 340 topics and nearly 9000 posts. Our busiest section has been members projects with nearly 1000 posts. That statistic alone is the most encouraging of them all because it tells us that we have the emphasis right. We’re grateful for all of those who have given up there valuable time to share what they are building with everyone. That’s what OSS has always been about. If you have a project and you haven’t shared it yet please jump in and do so and remember we like pictures!

Thank you to everyone for their kind words of thanks and support to the Admin team for bringing the site back. Just to see how excited and happy it has made you all is all the reward that we could have hoped for. Thank you also to everyone who has taken the time to give their constructive feedback on the site and it’s function. In the last seven days we have made over 500 coding edits to iron out issues that you have fed back to us . We are really happy with the way it’s all shaping up.

A massive thanks to our Mods who have worked so hard this week too.

If you haven’t yet, please update your profile with your location and get yourself an avatar. There is a useful section on posting pics if you are having any difficulty. If after reading it you are still stuck don’t be afraid to ask a question on the thread.

This week we had our first bike of the month in over 3 years and we are currently trawling the site for our next winner. More details on that later. We are processing our first trader applications so expect some competitions and give-aways to follow too.

On Monday we sent out a press release to all of the UK’s bike press. So we expect some coverage in the coming weeks and months.If you are outside of the UK and you would like us to contact a publication in your country please let us know by contacting admin@oldskoolsuzuki.info

The forum has taken all of our time this last few days and we have barely had time to progress the .info mission on the front page and the vault. We are currently looking for anyone who wishes to produce a technical article or a how to guide for the front page on any subject that they and we  think would be of interest or use to the members. If this is something you would be interested in contact us admin@oldskoolsuzuki.info

If you have any previous experience with word press we are also looking for assistant publishers to mine for old content from the original site and prepare it for publishing. Again please let us know if you are interested.

So all in all a busy but a thoroughly rewarding week. At this rate we may get round to riding and working on  our own bikes sometime next year. Here are some pictures just to prove that we actually we have them.

Steve RENE EFE Minx wm KM Jelle 1100m

So, a brand new site with all of the original OSS values. It would appear that there are still enough of us left to appreciate how good it feels to be home. Let’s go forward from here and continue what we have started.

Thank you all.

OSS is dead, long live OSS

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