Bikes, Beer BBQs and Bravado – OSS at Cadwell Park

There has been much talk about an OSS get together since we relaunched the site last summer. Through the course of those discussions we have broadly agreed that our next get together had to be more than just a falling about session.

Worry not though, falling about is still encouraged but we also  want to have some bike related activity before the guy rope tripping competition gets underway.

We also want to make sure that there isn’t too much for the organisers to do because that way everyone can enjoy themselves.

So for 2016 we have decided the UK based event will coincide with  the Practical Sportsbikes Cadwell Park Circuit trackday weekend planned for  the 9th and 10th of July, 2016.


Thanks Yoshi Johnny we have been able secure a discount for the Saturday and Sunday track-day for those that want to put their Oldskool steed through its paces. Prices have not yet been announced but it is thought they will be similar to last years event in the link above.

So options for participation are as follows:

  1. Camping only with no track-day is free.
  2. Camping with BBQ on Friday and Saturday night £10 per head.
  3. All of the above with 6 track-day sessions of 20 minutes each including instruction and full support £10 per head for the BBQ plus your track-day ticket ( approximately £140 per day before discount) You can do one or two days the choice is yours.

If you don’t do the track-day you can still participate in the lunch time club parade laps which are free but this needs to be arranged with the organisers.

The plan is to to assemble on the Friday afternoon the 8th July at Cadwell Park Circuit. There will be  free camping in the paddock.

Dave ( Katanaman) and John (YJ) have kindly agreed to provide a BBQ on the Friday and Saturday night (weather permitting of course) at the bargain price of a fiver per person.

You can of course do your own thing. There is a bar with a band on the Saturday or you can bring your own beer and enjoy the company, the bikes and the spectacle while shooting the shit fellow enthusiasts.

We hope to have  a Marquee set up for bikes if people want to display them which is something they’d like us to do for other spectators. We will firm up on these details closer to the event. We will have T-shirts and other merchandise for sale too.

For those that are paying for track time, Saturday will be taken up hooning round the circuit with the Classic Bike Track-days guys trackdays – Cadwell Park

Yoshi Johnny has advised:

I wouldn’t recommend getting shitfaced the night before if you are going on track…

It will not be a OSS exclusive event and the there will be a range of pre-2000 machines taking part in the track-day. Again Yoshi Johnny advises:

It’s full bore flat out stuff but the guys on track tend not to be dickheads and the bikes range from road going RGV250s through to trick F1 Harris etc. If you’ve never been on track before don’t be scared the range of bikes and riders plus keen instructors mean it’s safe and well managed.

Saturday night will be the same thing BBQ and beer and good company and Sunday is the same as far as track stuff goes. If you don’t want to participate on track you can just watch, take pictures, point and giggle and or carry on propping up the bar.

Yoshi Johnny will be on hand on the forum to  answer any questions and in the meantime we are just waiting for the CBT guys to get their website updated with dates and details on how to to book the 2016 track-days.

When booking is available it should be enough to just mention somewhere your bike is oldskoosuziki  and you will get a 5% discount off the price. We can finalise these details in due course.

If you want to do one or both of the track-days It will be important to book them as soon as booking is available as places will be on a first come first served basis.

This should be absolutely great fun. A chance to put faces to names as well as providing an opportunity to put your OSS machine through its paces.


Booking details to follow.

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