The first 7/11

The original 7/11 was built by Bradley O’ Connor and was featured in Performance Bikes Magazine Sept. ’92. He put a GSX1100F engine in a GSX-R750 chassis to create a bike that gave him the same surge of adrenaline as he got from riding a Kawasaki ZZR-1100 without spending a lot of money.bradley

Although built from standard parts and any further tuning it was measured to outperform the ZZR on every aspect. His bike became a inspiration to many and nowadays there must be hundreds of 7/11’s on the streets. Bradley later added nitrous and put the engine in a Harris Magnum 4 frame.

The combination of the monster torque of a GSX-R1100 and the light weight and short(er) wheelbase of a 750 chassis results in a bike which; “Has enough torque to pull a Brontosaurus out of quicksand” and “Leaps out of your hands coming out of corners without even being asked

brad711And that is exactly what we 7/11 owners want, a affordable bike witch will give you that same feeling of sheer power that you got when you got on a 1100 for the first time, even when you own it for years now, something you just won’t get used to.

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