It’s not what you know – part 2

4627939798_113x111Building bikes ain’t cheap. A brother needs all the help he can get when he’s pushing the oldskool envelope. When it comes to parts, It’s not what you know but who you know.

Fortunately many of us know OSS stalwart Rich Hocking, GSXR884, as he is better known in the realm of the Interweb. Rich has supplied chains and sprockets to many of us over the years at great prices. Earlier this year Rich, heroically stuck it to the man and decided to go all in on his new business of supplying custom braided line kits. Rich is now an OSS trader and that means he is offering 10% on any orders received through OSS PM.
Take a look at Rich’s site here


Rich wants to build the business and he has recently completed a full training program on suspension set up. It’s safe to say that Rich knew his shit in this area before he did the training but now he has a badge or a certificate or something. So if you need a set of forks or a shock rebuilt or set up Rich is also your man and naturally OSS mates rates will apply.


Rich intends to build the business beyond the current offering and we would encourage you to ask Rich before you buy because chances are he will be cheaper. You can contact Rich here.

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