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  1. Swirl

    B6/12 pushrod

    When I put 1100 powerscreen motor in my 750 teapot, I used the 750 cable clutch and had to use the 750 pushrod, don't know the length thou
  2. Swirl

    Gsx1100ef motor in gsxr1100w

    One way to find out, lay the motor on its side and place the frame over it
  3. Swirl

    Gia 1216

    Very niCE and very jealous
  4. Swirl


    Oh yes I'm liking that, giving me ideas, but is it right to cut up my 15k mile bike, dammed right it is
  5. Swirl

    Gsx750es options

    Fitted some teapot indicators as the old one were snapped, but I've damaged the lamp holder trying to work out it all come apart, where will I get a lamp holder from
  6. Swirl

    A DVLA Dating Question

    What is the old frame
  7. Swirl

    GSXR1100M Engine into Blandit

    Maybe better off with the mid range torque of powerscreen motor, depending on what your after
  8. Swirl

    A DVLA Dating Question

    I have been aware of this for a good few years, maybe 10 or so, I have built various trikes and chops along the way, the way I have always read it, is a unaltered original frame to get 5 points out of the 8, if you don't get the 5 for the unaltered frame you can't retain the plate even if you get 8 from elsewhere, that's my take and has been for a lot of years So unaltered meaning if it's twinshock you can't monoshock it, you cant do away with a swingarm and hardtail it
  9. Swirl

    A DVLA Dating Question

    If it doesn't have the original unaltered chassis/frame, it all falls apart
  10. Swirl

    Gsx750es options

    Had a mooch about in my lock up, found some braided hoses and a master cylinder, ordered some new crush washers, so may have some brakes today
  11. Swirl

    Busa ash efe 1230

    That the one on French plates
  12. Swirl

    A DVLA Dating Question

    Ah I remember now
  13. Swirl

    A DVLA Dating Question

    How come, isn't it the standard frame, didn't it retain its original I'd under the 8 point rules
  14. Swirl

    A DVLA Dating Question

    What did you have sva'd Steve
  15. Interesting is this just wiseco's or all forged pistons, I've a rebuilt motor to run in soon