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78 GS1000 Left for Dead

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Dyno today.

It is dialed in as close as possible.....flat A/F ratio except one area about 5500/6000 it is a hair rich...So I'll drop the needle back to the middle clip and should be done. Oh yea, the clutch appeared to be slightly slipping here and there.....damn 40 year old parts just don't hold up xD

85.2HP at 7900....not bad for what started out as a parts bike :banana:


I'll try to down load a vid to youtube and get it on here at some point.



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On 12/16/2016 at 1:13 PM, busa1300 said:

Here's the other 78 I have....

been collecting parts for this for years to make a time period correct AMA style race rep....

problem is I keep bringing in other projects in front of it....one of these days I'll get it put together with a shelf full of stuff I have waiting...


Coll bike - but would you happen to know what the wheels are ? I picked up an 1100EZ with a pair on recently........

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Wheels are EPM, made in Italy. Wheels on bike are 19x2.5 and 18x3.5


I also have a set I am planning on putting on the bike when I eventually rebuild it that are 18x2.5 and 18x3.5. Originally on a bike that raced out in California in the early 80's. These are the pics he sent when he offered them for sale over 10 years ago...I got the rotors, calipers, and shocks also.



internet bikes 021 (2).jpg

internet bikes 022 (2).jpg


Sitting on on my shelf now, waiting to get put to use one day



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