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  1. I've been wondering about that... I've seen it a lot looking for brake parts lately.
  2. I’m just starting this journey with my 78 GS1000 I picked up for free. Been sitting in a garage since 1998.
  3. Normally both of my shop hands are out helping me with something. She was just extra talkative and made it hard to concentrate that day. She likes taking all of my pictures and videos of my work though so its always cool to look though my phone of what new pictures I have. Helps me document my builds too.
  4. I would guess there wouldn't be a difference as long as the vacuum line is plugged off. So far I have gotten mine to start with a straight fed line but it isn't running well enough to see if there is a major difference yet. The advantage I see with the vacuum is that it shuts the fuel off when the engine is off. Outside of that, I couldn't imagine there would be a difference in performance.
  5. So, I took a gas tank off of an old riding lawnmower and fed it directly into the carbs that way. I can get it to run with the engine at full choke right now, but it does run, probably the first time in 20 years. So far, straight fed is working. Ill probably just rebuild mine but for right now the lawnmower tank is working.
  6. Not that I have seen. These are getting rebuilt. I can buy four calipers for my F 350 for the price of a front caliper on this bike.
  7. I’m glad that in my auto classes that I teach that you just replace calipers and not rebuild them. I kept a good core as an example that the piston just slides out by hand now to show the students.
  8. That’s an awesome idea.
  9. Awesome. Thanks for the advice. First time I took a caliper apart I launched a piston across the shop.
  10. I’m in a no inspection area. Kind of nice really. If I go 30 miles east, all vehicles are inspected once a year.
  11. Illinois is terrible when it comes to not having the original title so hopefully the photocopy will help some. I don’t have a problem with forgetting to turn them off, just forgetting to turn them on usually.
  12. This bike was given to me from my brothers father in law. It got left in a rental property and all i have is a photocopy of the title. Still not sure how to make it legal but I’ll figure it out. Last time it had tags was 1998 so I’m guessing that’s the last time it ran. I got it to start but not through the tank... I don’t know if I don’t have enough vacuum to open the tap or what. So I improvised. Also, electrical tape does not hold up to gas well.
  13. Same as my bike. Right now I’m just proving that it can run before I put too much money in it.
  14. Personal record for a vacuum line?
  15. My last bike worked well with the vacuum tap too. It worked well. This fuel system is just getting to me. It hasn't helped that my shop hand turns 5 this week and has been a little distracting as I've been working. With the few minutes I messed with it last night I couldn't get the prime position to work. I see that you have to turn it with a screwdriver a quarter turn and then turn it over to hold the valve open. I'll try again tonight and hopefully my shop hand is busy doing something else.
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