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Zero Cam Chain Slack

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Just installed cams in the 1100 I'm using for my 7/11 project, will have updates later, and there is zero cam chain slack. 22 links, arrows where they need to be, grooves at end of cam in proper position, rotor lined up, idler installed. Turns over by hand reasonably well. When I pushed on the chain guide thru the tensioner hole there was no play at all. The '86 750 that was in it was high miles and had a lot of slack after cam install. Maybe this is just a good condition cam chain and I'm not used to it? I can't help but think something isn't right tho. Run out of ideas. Any suggestions on things to look at?

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18 hours ago, Gixer1460 said:

Don't take as gospel but I think the 1100 is 21 pins and 750 is 22 ? ? ?  Brain is old and memory fading + i'm not near a manual presently!

It's flipped. Had three manuals. A factory manual, an old first gen only Haynes and a first thru third gen manual.

I ended up pulling the cams and holding the cam chain while I rotated engine to make sure it was on crank correctly and not kinked. Put cams in while holding cam chain taught. Redid everything. Slack was the same. Just how it is I guess. Spun fine later when more fully assembled.

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7 hours ago, george 1100 said:

I can't remember exactly but might be a cam sprocket thing. Where did those cams come from?

D0thead and cams. I put some stock cam sprockets on it and same situation. My guess is just old engine was really worn out.

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7 hours ago, Dezza said:

If using 750 j,k cams in a GSXR1100 do you have to use the 1100 cam sprockets?

I looked into that and the cam sprocket part numbers are all the same. Changing sprockets made no difference in slack. Maybe the d0thead is slightly taller.

Edit: Scratch that, yes they are different but I got some stock 1100 cam sprockets just in case. The cams are from a d0thead 750 BUT they were in the 1100 so I'm assuming the adjustable cam sprockets were correct for that engine. Either way I didn't use them and the stock ones provided the same slack.

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18 minutes ago, george 1100 said:

Might have something to do with the dot head. From memory the valves are slightly longer so maybe the cam locations are slightly higher. Ive never done a dot head but plenty here have. 

Maybe you could machine down the cam chain roller spacers

That was my next guess from what I've read about that head. I'll look into that. It's currently running with no abnormal noise.

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Most people fit DOT heads to Bandit 1157s (with their different cam chain setup, with hyvo chain and no idler). It may be that the DOT head's got a slightly different geometry, and maybe the Bandits are more forgiving and the difference doesn't get noticed when fitting them to Bandits. Just a guess.

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1 hour ago, Duckndive said:

Never had any cam chain issues when i,ve done them ...

always used slotted sprockets and leave tensioner out until are cam,s in and then dial them in :tu

That's good to hear. Oddly the cams that cam out of the engine had slotted sprockets but were so far off I went back to stock. Maybe some winter I'll put them back in.

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