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  1. Apparently Annitori make a standalone unit for 240usd with rod which is not a bad option or I rip out the HM one from my cbr and adapt it if possible or go with the Ignitech. Decisions ...... The cbr is basically a commute bike and I rarely use the quickshift.
  2. How is it possible to check timing on a bike using a strobe? Drill a hole in the timing cover and mount a timing wheel ? Possible I guess? Out of curiosity, are there any stand alone quick shifters for oilers? I have no issues with the oem ignition. I run +4 advance, stick coils and a second gen cdi in my slabby and she revs beautifully.
  3. Hmm, I could tinker with that for days....
  4. Good info Is there any way to check the true advance with this ignition because the pickup plate has slight tolerance and so does the rotor
  5. Great info, good features , cheers. Seems like good value. I have a race loom that I made so I could easily adapt it
  6. Can the switch be used and wired as a stand alone unit or does it need to be used with the ignition module?
  7. Not sure how it could work on a slabby as the oem rear sets and lever have a very short shift rod
  8. I had read a few stories years ago the it wasn't possible to use quickshifters on carbed engines because of severe popping or backfiring. Never looked back into it since, because I just took it for granted
  9. On a drag bike I'd go for the push button but at the track I think it all get a bit confusing for me. I've heard a lot of good things about Ignitech but can't find a detailed write up, pic or an action vid
  10. Has anyone successfully fitted and quickshifter to an oilcooled carbed motor. It's something I'm considering for my trackbike but can't find much info on the net apart from "Yeah, I fitted one and it works really good man" and " I made one for $5 from my sidestand switch" I'm talking proper reliable quickshifter with no glitches shifting at flat stick
  11. switch from certain gs1000 ( sorry can't remember which one) bolts straight up, no mods. I connected to my digital clocks but you can just buy an led gear display indicator and wire it up. not difficult if you know how to wire shit up
  12. Crank looks lightened too? Oversized valves? What cams?
  13. What are you planning on revving it too?If you keep the redline at 10,500 rpm I don't see the need for yosh valve springs
  14. yosh stage 3 in 10mm lift, from memory 252 duration @1mm yosh stage 2 in 9.5mm lift, form memory 248 duration @1mm I might be wrong but I think the stage 3 are discontinued but too big for street use anyway. I'm using st2 in my build with shimmed 750 springs. Certain aftermarket hd springs have way too much spring pressure for street or circuit use imo.
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