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1981 gs550l clutch slipping?

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Finally made it to road testing. But have noticed that when I give it gas the engine responds, but it doesn't really translate to speed. It speeds up but kind of slowly. We are talking like 2nd 3rd gear here, nothing to crazy or near top speed. Engine is also reving to like 4-5k rpms for like 40mph.

I feels like the clutch might be slipping. So I was wondering if that feeling combined with very little clutch lever friction zone could I need new clutch plates?

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Could be badly adjusted cable ?  The usual test is decent road, bike in 4th or 5th gear at lowish speed but not lugging, apply a good amount of throttle. If bike speed seems to keep up with increasing revs - its not clutch! If revs increase lots more than apparent speed then clutch is slipping. May need plates but with older bikes (maybe with original clutch components) its a 'rabbit hole' and could entail plates fibre and steels, basket, hub, pressure plate and springs or any combination!

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