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My 7/11 ET/EFE Chop

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3 minutes ago, K.H.I said:

Now that is a fucking glorious proper streetfighter! 

Thanks bud, started life as a proper dog shit 750et, and then I had a vision lol. I have posted this in the right place haven't i ? I wasnt sure whether to post it on members projects, as people seem to be posting their bikes there.

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32 minutes ago, EFEchop said:

 I wasnt sure whether to post it on members projects, as people seem to be posting their bikes there.

If you have the backstory (with photos of the build etc... we like photos) and/or have plans for further changes then yes that’s a good place. If not, this is.

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21 hours ago, bluedog59 said:

And, why have you got that crappy bolt holding the back mudguard on ? Lol.

Nice bike but my eyes keep coming back to that rusty screw holding a fancy paint job on.

It's just roughly slapped on for pictures mate, nothing is in place as such, not quite finished yet. The bolt in the picture also supports the two cans. As for the pipes, cut the monoshock mount off and put twinshock mounts on which gave us the room to run the pipes up through the void, sounds pretty sweet.

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9 hours ago, HUM said:


BAD  :-)

street leagal ?  will be nighttmare  for every german TUV officer , will be gasping  LOL  

Yea mate it will be street legal, luckily I'm the UK and wont have to deal with those, as it wont ever be crossing the water for them to seize lol

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Adding bits
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It all started from here in 2011 when I purchase it as a top tubed gsx750et, I had been riding bikes on the road ever since I was 15, but never obtained a licence, so I was about 6 months away from coming off a my ban so I wanted something cheap to insure, and this piece of shit was the perfect base :)


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So this is where things got interesting. A year or so had passed, I got an ok job that pays alright, and I managed to bag my friends efe lump that was in another chop frame in his garage. At this point in my life I had never built a bike before, so I was stepping into the unknown. Me and a couple of friends got the efe lump in and put a gsxr swingarm in, of course it was a touch too wide, so we ground the inside of the frame down at the pivot points till it was perfect (more luck than anything tbh)


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So now the time came to do the exhaust. Steph Hartley @ Cut Em & Ride is a mate of mine, and I had given him the 750et lump and the old front end that came off the bike, so we arranged a deal where those bits would add to the payment of the pipe, I told him how I wanted it and he came up with the goods. Initially I wanted both cans up one side, but because of the gsxr hangers that i put on there, the cans would never be able to have that sexy angle and placement on either side, so they had to go under tail, and rightly so.


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So Tony done a full rewire on the bike, as I forgot to me tion above that when it was a 750et the loom partially caught fire lol, but still managed to ride it back home, so wanted a top to bottom brand new loom. Unfortunately I had a moment of madness and had it sprayed Gurls blouse Integra Type R pearl white, I only went this way as two of my friends have Jap 4 chops, and they are also both black, and I didn't want there to be another that just looks the same, but if course, I didn't like it at all even though a few did.


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So that's pretty much the run down of how it all started and progressed by the pictures I've got on my phone, I do have others which are more in detail but they are way deep in the PC, and of course ive been basically building and riding it since 2011, although most of the riding was done with the 750 et lump in it. But now it sits pretty and is a world away from what it was in the beginning. Efe motor, brand new Mikuni RS36 slides with bell mouths, Venhill quick action throttle, bilstein gas shocks off a quad, dyna2000 ignition, dyna coils, Taylor leads, Earl's cooler and lines, motogadget m unit, with m button and motone switches, koso digital clock, titax levers with billet reservoir, shorai flex lithium battery, Armstrong wavy discs, slab yokes by billet brain, custom exhaust, gsxr750wn upside down front end, gsxr1100 swingarm and rear wheel, offset 530 front sprocket with JT chain, Harley rear mudguard chopped, mustang single cap tank with spiked cap, gsxr hangers with moody Eblag pegs, airbrush work by John O'Hara at pitstop paint etc etc.

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