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  1. I'd give it a go if you've found ones u think will fit , who needs a bump stop , what is that anyway ? If it doesn't work sell them on , can't be much dollar's right
  2. What clip ons are those ? Looking good
  3. Dezza I like your thinking I went for option 3, move home closer to the Job . The bike gets cleaned for Mot if it's lucky , always seems a shame to wash off a year's worth of waxoil ! Arnout , that is a good job ! So you just trimmed a relief into the hugger to fit right. Hmmmm I wonder what hugger is a good match for a gsx1100 swinger with 4.5 , 17 " wheel , anyone have ideas ?
  4. Or how to suppress spray from my gsx750ex this winter. Idly trying to test fit a b12 hugger on it and it just wouldn't sit anywhere near right . Someone must have done something like this , or is it just me concerned with everything getting stupidly filthy. Lots of Devon roads act like rivers in the winter might get some wellies and goretex ffs
  5. But if the tank is above the rail and the carbs, gravity should still flow !
  6. Might be just the rings want changing not the pistons . Strange that it's just low on one. Maybe it is a bent valve not sealing , maybe blow-by at the gasket. Every single part needs measuring with micrometer and checking to spec in the manual , the evidence will be there
  7. i dont speak norwegian mate lolz ,.. I think you need to see a picture of a gs cdi loom connector to check the pin orientation . I'll try to remember to take one at the weekend
  8. Piston rings ? Comp test with oil squirted thru plug hole , would it change ?
  9. Can you take photo of the loom under the seat, a photo where you think it all fits ? Hell a photo of the complete bike !
  10. Connect it to the side stand switch
  11. As in why does my 750L front end feel odd through the lever, ses feedback on the mot as advisory . Deliberately dumb question . The disks are barely used but it sat outside for years, is it the surface rust polishing off ? The calipers were stripped, cleaned and are not seized , everything seems straight . Does anyone know if an advisory has to be fixed for the following year ? Cheers
  12. That earth cable might need to go to battery negative
  13. If someone counted Sixty five links mounted on the bike , thats 130 and very very long . I'd spend a while rechecking that . Does anyone know a rule of thumb with swingarm length and distance tween sprockets to give chain length and link count ?
  14. Can I bolt on my gsf600 carbs ? I think they're 33mm . My 750 et doesn't make the power it should after it lost its air box sometime in the past. It's got the manifold and the single large foam filter on currently. I suppose the real question is , what carbs does that model have and can someone link me to the correct type jets . Cheers
  15. I reckon it'll be fine , can only have been a month. Maybe it's leaked past piston rings and there's an extra pint of water in the oil , even then it'll just evaporate . The worst I can imagine us the rings have rusted and will ruin my cylinder grrrr
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