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  1. Unfortunately this is the way it goes. Much like the Chopper scene collectively laughed when Cruisers appeared there are still some cruiser owners who think they have a chopbobberbarhopper. A bike painted black with loads of pointless shit stuck to it is now a Rat bike. The streetfighter scene is full of sportsbikes with no fairing that have no resemblance to streetfighters, now we have cafe racers/ scramblers that are nothing remotely like what they claim to be. It does make me wonder what hilarious fad will come next...
  2. Bit confused as in to what your doing, your thread title is different than what you posted. But... The best way to do it is to offer up the motor and see if it's gonna be easy or if your gonna have to be persuasive.
  3. K.H.I

    1170 et

    Early zx9r forks are a decent length, most very modern stuff will probably need a stepped yoke.
  4. K.H.I

    My Bandits

    Now that is how you modify a bandit! Looks great, well done.
  5. Pipercross do a filter that sounds like what you are after.
  6. I've got a vrod arm in another bike, cheap easy way of running a wider back wheel on a frame with a narrow swingarm width.
  7. K.H.I


    It's a great time to source efe donks due to the current fashion of fake air cooled bikes. Ive not long swapped a cheapo, shitty blandit lump for a "tired old boat anchor" EF motor, that's turned out to be immaculate.
  8. Just don't put a sweaty oily boiler in. This is a oss, follow the herd trend that needs to stop, much like previous herd trends ( shitfighters, minging triky seat units, Wes Cooley replicas...etc etc.)
  9. If it's got a teapot lump it's not really air cooled anymore.
  10. Efe would be a efe with a efe engine. Harris with a efe Lump is a efe powered Harris. Once the efe Lump isn't involved it gets a bit silly as it's missing the crucial ingredient.
  11. Bet they were like fat birds trying to catch a wedding bouquet.
  12. K.H.I

    Another homebrew

    Pretty sure I've seen that frame before on a forum that's long gone, might of had a bandit lump in back then and a different front end. Think it got picked up cheap due to the welds and broken. Cant be 100% but it looks very familiar with the original tank and tail.
  13. Rake the front out.... Or just fit a 17" wheel.
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