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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to build a new Setrab 10 or 13 row oil cooler on my GSX 1100e. Which hose diameter would be optimal dash 6 (8.7mm) dash 8 (11.1mm) mm is the inner diameter oil pump is original I would like to connect the oil cooler to exits left and right to the oil filter, I have an oil filter cover for an EFE cheers Uli
  2. HUM

    Petrol type

    Hi yes do in this way , keep fingers away from E-10, E-10 makes U green slush in the carbs . Better use the Premium fuels with 100 oct. cheers Uli
  3. Hi all I have the impression that it runs a bit too lean, the spark plugs are more gray than brown but in deccellaration I have beyond 5000 backfire in muffler see video Test drive Video setttings gsx 1100e 1047 cc yoshis stage 1 cams 36mm carbs from Efe arther clean 4/1 V&H classic with racing baffle original air filter with box main jets 120 needle in middle mixture 2.75 rotations I think a bigger jets as 122,5 or 125 will help, what do U thnk or does anybody has expirience ? cheers Uli
  4. and me But I also have to say from the look the 18" looks very good... some say , 17" looks a bit as Mickey Mouse rims As far as the handling is concerned, I know the GS 1000S with original suspension and the GSX 1100E, good straight-line running at high speeds above 200KM/h but a bit stiff in the corners. Now the 17" in the 1100 is much more agile in the corners, the worse straight line running which is inevitably the case at 17", the modern tires balance the current 1100 only starts from about 220KM / h and faster in straight-line running, something to oscillate, about comparable to earlier the original rims. I think with the 18" that will be in between. I know everything also depends on the chassis, forks etc. and its setting ... that's just my impression ...
  5. Hi my config gsx 1100e Yoshi stage 1 cams , stock airbox K+N inside , V&H 4/1 with racing baffle gas 98 octane carbs from efe, 36mm , needle in middle , 120 jettings , screws 1+4 , two 1/2 2+3 , three all other jettings efe stock runs quiet well cheers Uli
  6. Hi nope , this I would do not , buy a complet new set, ( both sides ) cost ony a few bucks an U have fun the next years https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-gsx750es-1983-d-1-2-4-6-15-16-17-18-21-22-24-25-26-27-30-34-39_model13699/partslist/FIG73.html#.YNnDFkxCRPY cheers
  7. Hi I have taken No 1 = L No 2 = L No 3 = R No 4 = R " Ordnung muss sein " 注文は次の必要があります all with Inscription on the top, may I remember there was also a marking , that this rubbers are in right direction, but I am not sure.. Cheers Uli
  8. Hello I am considering installing a Lifepo battery in my GSX 1100E, my controller is a NipponDenso 32800-45210 can I operate a lifepo abtterie with this controller, or does the controller bring too high voltage, i.e. over 14.4 volts ? someone has experience Cheers Uli
  9. loosen airbox on the top from frame loosen aibox rubbers spray a bit WD40 or silicone spray between rubber an carb loosen carb on intake, also WD40 or silicone spray between loosen choke cable at carb losen throttle cable at handlebar loosen ths gas and vac hoses sit on bike pull back carbs with airbox and into airbox fron intakes pull carb left hand that carbintakes are between rubber intakes pull carb out from airbox take out from left side toghether with hoses and throttle cable To build makes more fun cheers
  10. for sure they do not care about rules in other countries , you are in Germany and you have to keep the German rules , as CC told Ordnung. Muss sein jawoll !! In Germany u have a Bit Space for negotiations, if u are clever and if u have the right papers , in Austria they open first ur wallet I would not take the risk to have confrontation with a cop if u have a modified loud bike which is legal in Sweden , that at the end u can order a trailer ..... For example loud is per se illegal , but if u have the right paper , and the cop accept this paper , 100db and more can be legal ... if ur nose is not ok for the cop , u loose . Best is not to see this guys and not drive on popular bike roads , as for example b500 in Black Forest , there u can be sure that u are the second winner . In 70ies and 80ies was fun to drive a bike here , now it is political target to get bikes from the streets because bikes are loud too fast , bikes have too much accidents, to drive a bike just for fun is bad for environment, etc. etc. and such old and loud vehicles we drive should be forbidden..... that's the background Cheers and happy new year uli
  11. Yes for sure , but how to expain this to German TUV ( technical control ) where U have discussions about this bracket this is not original ! Do you have a strength report for the material ? has this also been official checked ? Do you have a release from Suzuki ? are there made test drives with official engeneer ? For a single report you have to calculate with costs of € 50,- and more , only to have a chance that one of this fck... officers will check this suspicious part without guaranty that U will get OK . The cost for write this part into papers as road lagal will be another € 150,-. And if you are unlucky, a cop of zero clue of matter has doubted the opinion of the TUV and will deprive you of the operating license, means end of trip, put bike on a trailor to bring back home . . Next is extraordinary control of a testing organization, whether this is also correct in order to regain the operating license plus administrative costs, of course at your expense. If one then thinks that in other countries the EC , which is not handled in this way and therefore not the roads paved with corpses of motorcyclists, who died by such things, one hears only " we are not interested, we are in Deustchland and there it is, basta " "Thinking of Germany at night I am taken to my sleep" ( Heinrich Heine ) bureaucracy in pure culture we always look with envy to the UK, where, according to TUV, the roads must be paved with corpses of motorcyclists as they only drive around in the UK with defective vehicles Of course there are ,as in every bureaucracy, because of appropriate " tips " to reach the goal . A small cutout of 40 years to be a Biker here in our nice country , But in Austria I have heard, it is much more stupid ... cheers Uli
  12. Hi and how long time they had this 70mm until year ? cheers Uli
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