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  1. Hi I have taken No 1 = L No 2 = L No 3 = R No 4 = R " Ordnung muss sein " 注文は次の必要があります all with Inscription on the top, may I remember there was also a marking , that this rubbers are in right direction, but I am not sure.. Cheers Uli
  2. Hello I am considering installing a Lifepo battery in my GSX 1100E, my controller is a NipponDenso 32800-45210 can I operate a lifepo abtterie with this controller, or does the controller bring too high voltage, i.e. over 14.4 volts ? someone has experience Cheers Uli
  3. loosen airbox on the top from frame loosen aibox rubbers spray a bit WD40 or silicone spray between rubber an carb loosen carb on intake, also WD40 or silicone spray between loosen choke cable at carb losen throttle cable at handlebar loosen ths gas and vac hoses sit on bike pull back carbs with airbox and into airbox fron intakes pull carb left hand that carbintakes are between rubber intakes pull carb out from airbox take out from left side toghether with hoses and throttle cable To build makes more fun cheers
  4. for sure they do not care about rules in other countries , you are in Germany and you have to keep the German rules , as CC told Ordnung. Muss sein jawoll !! In Germany u have a Bit Space for negotiations, if u are clever and if u have the right papers , in Austria they open first ur wallet I would not take the risk to have confrontation with a cop if u have a modified loud bike which is legal in Sweden , that at the end u can order a trailer ..... For example loud is per se illegal , but if u have the right paper , and the cop accept this paper , 100db and more can be legal ..
  5. Yes for sure , but how to expain this to German TUV ( technical control ) where U have discussions about this bracket this is not original ! Do you have a strength report for the material ? has this also been official checked ? Do you have a release from Suzuki ? are there made test drives with official engeneer ? For a single report you have to calculate with costs of € 50,- and more , only to have a chance that one of this fck... officers will check this suspicious part without guaranty that U will get OK . The cost for write this part into papers as road lagal will be
  6. Hi and how long time they had this 70mm until year ? cheers Uli
  7. Hi it is looking similar like this Cheers Uli
  8. Hi I am thinking about a Top End Oiler, self made with AN / DASH connectors and pipes ... What should you pay attention to? - stronger oil pump e.B from the GSX 750 - how should the diameter of pipes be DASH 4 ( 5,5mm inner dieamter ) enough ? - what is the real advantage of the Top End Oiler ? My engine - 1074ccm - Yoshi stage I cams - intake channels smoothed - BSS 36 carbs from EFE - stock airbox, given a bit more air :-) - V&H 4/1 with race baffle Cheers Uli
  9. Hi GSX 1100E 3 x OEM 3 x HD springs and U have no broken fingers I had the problem that my clutch in 4th and 5th slipped a bit , I changed 3 OEM with new ones and add 3 HD springs , plus new pads, and it works. What makes the clutch more common is if you equalize the grooves in the inner basket a bit, they are usually run in. I was already thinking about hydraulic conversion. does anyone have any experience with these aftermarket adapters ? How much better is laying of the cable in the, called "Pussy Position" ( https://www.suzukiperformancespares.co.
  10. Hi I use from GSX 600f GN72a , I do not remember, may be some cable must be changed . on right side I have also from GSX 600f on my bike , but the light switch, I remember that 3 rd phase of generator is a bit tricky , I used a relay for switch this 3rd phase if light is on ... I Think also from other older Suzi models the switches can be used cheers Uli
  11. Hi I am looking for alternative footpegs , now is on the GSX 1100E . from GSXR GR 7BB, 92 model ( mounting distance 70mm middle hole to middle hole ) does anybody know the distances from newer models ( GSXR ) ? Regards Uli
  12. exact , safety first
  13. Koni , YSS, or if U have a good budget Wilbers , Ohlins :-) from old models . , stock shocks from Gurls blouse, Suzuki , etc. are crap in my opinion --> better airpumps ..
  14. Hi tell this examiner, too loud is impossible it is same as too much beer physically not possible :-) btw there is existing a road legal pipe from Marving , with a bit steel wool U can bring it under 89 db good luck Uli
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