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  1. Sounds like float needle stuck open on number 2. that’s what I find 9 times out of 10 when there’s fuel coming out the filters. This will also over fuel more than likely causing the smoking petrol smell.
  2. Oh and here’s a piccy so you don’t think it never happened
  3. Evening all, I’m having a bit of headache with my recently turbo’d 7/12 project. Got the tank back on her this morning, excited and fired her up, went round the block no problem. Happy days. Then I tried to start it again and nothing, checked the spark plugs which are new and no spark... but it did spark if I held the plug about 2mm off the block, if it touched it’d not spark, take the contact away slightly and it’d arc to the block and spark luckily I’ve got a bit of a collection here so I’ve been trying a few bits. ive swapped the coils first, no chan
  4. Tightens the chain don’t it??
  5. @B12HUDS I’m taking a wild guess here that you have bought that dot head that was on Eblag last week, the one with no cams or rockers??
  6. I got a couple getting in the way in the shed Phil. Send or put up a pic of yours and I'll see if I got one I can send you
  7. Svsam

    Carb question

    I’m using gsxr750 36mm carbs on my b12 dot engine, all good over 4-5k, going to try some bigger pilot jets when I can. Also have a set of gsxf carbs on route for another b12 motor. don’t all the bandit ones have a TPS on the side? And the throttle cable mount is higher?
  8. They are ramair filters I bought off someone on here. They do the trick just fine The headers are off a 750 and didn’t fit very well, got a b12 set on now that don’t look as good.
  9. Second that. yes, 36cvs are the limit.
  10. Checked and now using negative to a good contact on the block. cheers though. starting to question whether the jump leads are restricting cause they get warm.
  11. Did have a search before and have tried all advise so far, so dont shoot just yet... As title says, the starter is real sluggish turning over, ive tried bypassing all wiring putting the live straight on top of starter. Also swapper the starter off my other B12 engine. Always cranks at about 1/3 the speed it usually does. I've tried a 1200 bike battery, and sprinter battery and the battery off my l200 andit still cranks the same speed. The engine is a B12 bottom end with dot head fitted, the whole point of the head swap is raising compression, is the compression to high to turn over n
  12. Svsam

    Found in sump

    Are you positive.... sorry, couldn’t resist!
  13. I heard k5 headers worked some how. The stock ones I bought are no where near. Will have a look at micron ones.
  14. You were right, put the bandit sump back on. im sure I’d read that you needed to sway to the 748 sump and pick up..maybe I misread it. On to the next problems, cooler catches headers now, and I’d ordered dot oil lines which mount underneath so they are too long for 1200 sump loves a project!
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