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  1. I did search but can't find anything specific. Are OE clutch friction plates the best bet for a stock engine? Thanks.
  2. What ratio (distance from pivot centre to plunger centre) is the Hel cylinder, it's probably 16 or 18? I have used Accossato 19 x 18 (edit, it was 19 x 20 ) cylinders on ZZR1400s & Vmaxs both of which struggle with anything less.
  3. Have you checked the coils are 3 ohm?
  4. Many thanks, just the info I needed.
  5. My 1100et needs a rebore so can anyone who's tried both give their opinion on if it's worth the extra grief finding EFE barrels etc to put a 1230 in over 1170 on std barrels? Do the EFE barrels drop straight into the ET crankcase? It's just for road use but extra low down oomph is always welcome!
  6. I just removed the extra brake lines & blocked off the thread in the anti dive units, works fine.
  7. That brings back memories of many a Bol D'Or in the 80s & 90's, hope it went well :-)
  8. Has the Idle screw come loose?
  9. Looks like the seal is handed but it's fairly well perished anyway so have ordered a Chinesium one, I may see if I can extricate the seal from it to keep the OE cap.
  10. Good idea, will try it.
  11. It's not listed as a spare part but has anyone found a suitable seal? I could buy a Chinese knock off and use the seal but don't know if they're exactly the same.
  12. If you can get it to misfire when rigged up with an auxilliary fuel tank you can gently pull the plug cap away from the plug (using plastic grips unless you want a shocking experience) slightly extending the gap between plug & cap increases resistance which in turn makes a fatter spark, if your misfire clears up you may well have a duff cap/HT lead but it can also be things like low compression or poor fueling. You can eliminate the plug cap by sticking a paper clip up the HT lead & twisting it round the thread of the plug.
  13. Plug caps, try swapping them around & see if the issue moves with them.
  14. Thanks Gixer1460 & Swiss Toni, I have them all.
  15. It's mostly for the lighting circuit, I think most colours will be the same on the 750/1100s of the same era. Many thanks, could I try the Kat one?
  16. Many thanks, could I try the Kat one?
  17. Does anyone have a diagram on file that they could share? Thanks.
  18. If the plug is dry after driving it then it's not getting fuel. Strip the carbs again.
  19. Not sure how close the 550 frame is to 750 but the 1100 A/C engine fits easily in a 750.
  20. Does anyone with a GS750/1100ET 7/11 know if the head & barrels can be removed with the engine in situ? I suspect the mounts may have to be removed to lower it but having never tried I'm not sure. My old girl cold seized when I foolishly left it for a few years without oiling the bores first. I freed it off but it has been a bit oil thirsty ever since so it may be time for an 1170 & a head freshen up.
  21. Mike711


    Get a flex head magnet and stick it in there, might save you a job.
  22. The USA called it a GS, I'm not sure if there was a 16v custom officially imported but may be wrong.
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