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  1. This may be of some use for your reference http://www.spartgsxrspecials.com/boost controller.htm
  2. I just sold a set of these on "that" site two weeks ago. I wish I would have known you needed them, as I would have tried to grab dimensions. Here are the pictures the buyer sent me once installed if they help?
  3. I believe Luke tried this with a few different pumps on his turbo bandit, but towards the end it looks like he stuck with an external walbro. He may be a good resource for the challenges, but I'm not entirely certain he still owns the bike (as it was listed for sale some months back). Have a read through as its a great reference for Turbo/EFI. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/topic/3123-turbo-bandit/
  4. Unbelievable, I can only imagine grabbing a fistfull. Those are some fast moving coffee cans
  5. Out of curiosity, what is the largest displacement big block folks have heard of on an OC engine? Stumbled across some parts on "that" site, looks like an 88mm bore with 67mm stroked crank for a total of 1630?? Talk about a stump puller...
  6. As above, glad it stayed in the OSS crew. Great buy!
  7. Be careful if you use superglue, wait a few days before putting the bezels back on. I assembled mine right away and it fogged the housings bad!
  8. Time will tell. I believe with the difference between .57 and .64 it is pretty low risk regardless. As with all OSS info, its subject to change until built and tested.
  9. Cheers @Arttu, I figured it was worth the question before I spend 1K+. Thanks!
  10. 1157 B12 engine, will be bored to 1216 with Gen 1 busa pistons/rods/2mm spacer. Stock head, 01-03 gsxr 600 TBs. I imagine the most I would ever want to run would be 18psig. @nitro said he ran a gt2860r gen 1 with a .64 hotside on the street and it seemed to be an ideal setup for him. Piggybacking on that recommendation, I was curious to see if anyone had any empirical results on whether the .57 was running into peak power prior to finishing the rev range.
  11. Any thoughts on .64 vs .57 turbine ar on a gtx2860r? There's a .57 v band for sale locally... may swing by and check it out. Be interested if anyone has experience on that setup, as I don't want to run out of steam up top!
  12. It was a cylinder head dowel. Cheers guys!
  13. Pin is a cylinder all the way round with small chamfer at each end. Measures 8mm dia by 11.9mm long. Figured you guys who have had a few of these apart might be able to put a location to it.
  14. Pulled a B12 sump today and this dowell dropped out with it. Any idea where it lives? Couldn't find in on the oil pan microfiche. Thanks! Also found this bugger in the oil pickup screen. Pulled the valve cover and all adjusters are present. Who knows where it's from!
  15. Very excited to see this one together! Happened to stumble across this video while searching Youtube. Please promise us one thing, you will not do this to the bike once you are finished! (RIP TO THE HEADPHONE USERS)
  16. Cheers guys. The wiring diagram I have been using on the 92 GSX-R750N is for some version of an 1100M and shows no relays, but it may not be correct. Will probably go with @davecara's suggestion and use the switch wires to trigger two separate relays. Thanks!
  17. I suppose it depends on how you look at it...either way, a good bit further than I would want to swim!
  18. As a guy from across the pond who never sees things like this for sale locally, you just have to buy it. Easily make your money back in parts if you change your mind later!
  19. No relays from what I can tell. Both hi and lo get a switched hot from Y/W. I am planning to run two H4 bulbs as the original GSX-R did.
  20. Anybody have any issues running dual headlights of a slabby/slingy on a B12 loom? Both low and high beam wires are small gauge in the harness and a quick test run against the battery with the same gauge wire on 92N headlights got the wires hot in a hurry. Debating on pulling new wire into the loom to feed the headlights.
  21. Does anyone have a selector drum bearing outside of the cases? It would be interesting to find the ID/OD of both the inner and outer races for the shims. McMaster-Carr here in the US has metric carbon steel round shims for cheap. Might be worth it for future gearboxes to save labor/fingers of making shims from stock.
  22. Thanks for the info Jonny. As always with anything on this site it's proceed at ones own risk. Just was curious what you have found with boxes you had done in the past.
  23. Jonny, are you shimming between items 16 & 25? If so, what are the ID/OD of the shims you use?
  24. Check through Clive's NWS slabby thread. I remember him posting a kit he found with the M7s. edit: looks like page 27 of 40 in his post
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