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  1. For those of you who switch to coil on plugs (COP) for either reliability with a stock CDI or conversion to EFI, here's a quick overview of how to make a lead wire for checking the timing. Cut your old coil wire flush (past the retainer bite marks), then insert a parallel pair of safety wire alongside them into the insulation. Add a standard bullet connector and crimp/heat shrink. Connect this between your #1 COP and the spark plug then clamp on your inductive timing light and you're good to go. Provides a nice repeatable pulse.
  2. Good information to know, I'll give them a shout. Thank you
  3. @MeanBean49I had asked about the stock B12/GSXR maps not being available in the latest .exe download drop down from ignitech and assumed you may have to purchase a unit to have that option available in the software. @Gixer1460was saying that's kind of wrong to ask for the info, so I wiped the post. Mistake on my part.
  4. It sounds like @fatblokeonbandit has done it, might be worth shooting him a PM or exploring the ZX10 sprocket nut route.
  5. Fair point Ian, post removed.
  6. This is how mine is currently setup NA, with the single port only going to the MAP. The bare brass nipple was capped later on prior to running
  7. About halfway down page 3 is a good example of a shared vacuum tube for your reference. Also, relating to your question in turbo bike, these are the tap locations I plan to run. Plenty of folks on this site have laid out the work, I take the easy route and bookmark anything of interest for reference later on. Good luck Dave and get it going!
  8. The part number I bought used off bay of E was 37720-24A01. Seller said it came from a 1985 GS1150ESF (US). I have yet to install it, but it looks to be the same diameter as the stock neutral-only switch and looks identical to Clive's above.
  9. This may be of some use for your reference http://www.spartgsxrspecials.com/boost controller.htm
  10. I just sold a set of these on "that" site two weeks ago. I wish I would have known you needed them, as I would have tried to grab dimensions. Here are the pictures the buyer sent me once installed if they help?
  11. I believe Luke tried this with a few different pumps on his turbo bandit, but towards the end it looks like he stuck with an external walbro. He may be a good resource for the challenges, but I'm not entirely certain he still owns the bike (as it was listed for sale some months back). Have a read through as its a great reference for Turbo/EFI. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/topic/3123-turbo-bandit/
  12. Unbelievable, I can only imagine grabbing a fistfull. Those are some fast moving coffee cans
  13. Out of curiosity, what is the largest displacement big block folks have heard of on an OC engine? Stumbled across some parts on "that" site, looks like an 88mm bore with 67mm stroked crank for a total of 1630?? Talk about a stump puller...
  14. As above, glad it stayed in the OSS crew. Great buy!
  15. Be careful if you use superglue, wait a few days before putting the bezels back on. I assembled mine right away and it fogged the housings bad!
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