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  1. Do you have wired up the alternator correctly? From my point of view the alternator does not deliver any charging voltage. The alternator needs a excitation voltage to work properly, like Gixer1460 said. Depends on what year your alternator is, you have different connections. Later models have separate connector, earlier ones an additional wire in parallel to the charging wire. Try to make direct connection to the battery to supply the alternator with proper voltage. If you've already done so, can't imagine why voltage is so low.
  2. Good morning gentlemen, I'm trying to overhaul a fuel cock from 750R Slabside. Has been laying around for years in parts It's in realy good condition except of the loose elbow piece. Don't know how this elbow will be mounted leakproof to the fuel cock, that it will stay movable afterwards. It has a slight O-Ring groove, but no counterpart groove in the fuel cock. Can't find any detailed information at part sellers sites. Anybody done this before or knows how to proceed with this? Thanks in advance
  3. Pressed the milled extensions into the swingarm. Now ready for welding.
  4. Nickel


    As far as I know these must be cams from GSX1100EF non European. In Europe all GSX1100EF engines had about 100hp that day, but the non European models had about 124hp. These engines had cams with a "D" mark.
  5. A good mate has pulley with 32 teeth left. So I will go that way, before ordering a new belt. But thanks for that hint @Blubber. I will have to have a closer look to the situation with the carb. It's very tight. If I have the carb centered to the intake of the charger in the same angle as the charger intake, the carb intake will collide with the braket of the seat. In my opinion it would be better to have the carb oriantated upright. Ordered a rubber manifold for the carb today. After receiving it I will try to drill and mill an adapter flange. Thanks for you
  6. Okay, thanks for the info. Never heard about PHH carbs. Have done a little bit research. Only found info and pictures of carbs with two throttle bodys. The connection flange on the charger seams to be for a carb with one throttle body. Yes it's a HSR 42. Made good experiences on my Turbo Kwakisaki with this carb.
  7. Put the motor into the frame to check the situation with the carb. The plan is to use a Mikuni HSR. Carb colides with the bottom of the gas tank. Have to make a cutout in the bottom to get the needed space. Afterwards drilled a flange for the engine case to hold a shaft sealing ring. With a belt with 3 teeth less than the actual one, I will have enough clearance between both sides of the belt. I realy would like to know what carbs they used in the old Sims and Rohm kits..... I know it's also Mikuni, but no idea what type. More work to do than
  8. I hope to fix this issue with a shorter belt, or with a bigger pulley. Actually with tensioned belt the tooth get in contact.
  9. Yes, also a possible, but that would be more work, than using a bigger pulley on crank. I think a shorter belt could also cost not much.
  10. Spent some time machining the belt drive. Tried to use a belt with standard length, but won't fit. Either I have to order a special shorter belt or using a bigger pulley on crank.
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