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  1. I might get chance to take it off again this week il put a few pics up , thanks
  2. It’s the rubbers to carbs is the problem there was a curve in the standard air box that I can’t seem to get right, so each boot has a different part number, either I can’t get two and three to fit properly or one and four, I even ordered two more rubbers (two and three) to go with the curve better but still can’t get it quite right, I say il just have to cut off the bass plate again and try and adjust
  3. Hi all as title says I’m have problems with my plenum on my 750 Gsxr 89 model, it has the oval mouth carbs , I’ve made a plenum cut out the holes and used standard carb rubbers but I can’t get the rubbers to fit good and think when there’s any boost there just going to pop off, is there another method I could try with my carbs , if I have to start again I will just trying to do the job myself at home but finding it a pain to get things sealed properly, thanks for any help it’s well needed
  4. Hi all my mate just bought a 02 blandit 600 and he’s having trouble shifting up through 3rd to 6th sometimes it doesn’t want to go up atall and when it does it won’t go back down till it’s nearly at a stop ?? Any ideas thanks for any help
  5. thanks for that il have a good look at it tomorrow see what can be done cheers for taking the time
  6. Roughly just looking at the pictures of most of those pumps is the sump part that that sticks out of the tank about two inches, doesn't look like I've got a lot of room between the bottom of my tank and the carbs bout a inch and half to be safe, if anyone has one and gets a chance to measure thanks
  7. Been watching a few videos of these pumps and I think it's possible with some work to remove the regulator and pipe it straight to my external regulator , or like you said fit walbro pump that just has the pipe fittings rather than a o ring fitting, thanks again il keep ye posted
  8. Thanks for the replies guys il do a bit more research on it but looks like I'll be making a lot more work for myself trying to fit the pump in tank , cheers
  9. Anyone out there gave this ago for there turbo application??
  10. Hi all I'm in the middle of my 750 project and I've bought a external pump and malp regulator , but I'm thinking now besides using that pump and getting a return welded into the tank to get a damaged tank off something newer and cut the bottom plate out and weld it into my tank , witch would have the feed and return keeping it more tidy, I no it's been done but has anyone done it to a slingshot tank and any idea what newer Suzuki pump I could use in the k bike that could fit ? Thanks for any help thought it would be a nice tidy job
  11. Thanks for the help I just wasn't sure it's my first turbo project and was just starting on the fuel side of this, turbo and manifold done and plenum And pipes, fuel and wiring next , thanks
  12. Hi there I'm in the middle of building my gsxr 750 turbo and was wondering what fuel pipe to use now that I'll be using a fuel pump? But the t pieces on the carbs are only plastic so wasn't sure about the pressure, and if I wouldn't crush the t pieces. Thanks for any help
  13. Can that part be bought somewhere or is it a do it yourself job ? Nice job and easy
  14. Thanks mate only problem is I live in Southern Ireland that's if you don't mind posting it
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