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  1. Thanks Guys, spent far too much rescuing it, but would have been scrapped else. Little bit of work to finish, then on to the next one (1100et)
  2. I changed the clutch centre for a brand new one, seems better now. Will find out next year when I use it regularly. Got painter to add stripe to tank and mudguard. Think it looks good.
  3. Bandit 1200's use a 6mm spacer behind the front sprocket which should fit the output shaft. I aligned my EFE sprockets by using a length of string. I made a small loop in string which I looped over a tooth on rear of rear sprocket, ran up inside of sprocket and through teeth. String then runs parallel along face of sprocket to front sprocket, You can then work out offset needed.
  4. My EFE has a key number stamped on the ignition switch and on the bottom of the fuel cap. Worth looking on the helmet lock as well. Good locksmiths can cut a key from the number.
  5. Been having issue with dragging clutch, I have stripped clutch pack and inspected everything. Clutch steels look good and are flat, fibres look good and meet thickness specs. When I looked at rear of clutch hub, I found this. New one now on way, so will find out if this is causing the issue.
  6. Paint does not come out well in photo. It is a proper Candy Apple Red, looks lovely in the sun.
  7. Finally getting to the end of the rebuild on the nearly dead EFE. Here is the latest photo and the first.
  8. Hi Xandor, to get seat off, there is a lock under rear seat pad on lhs. Turn key to left to work seat lock on front seat. It may be stiff, push rear of front seat down when turning key, then pull seat up. Battery (YB14L-A2) is under seat. Fit new battery, turn ignition on and see if dash lights come on, there is an ignition fuse in fuse box behind rhs panel. Check oil level to make sure of level and to make sure oil looks like oil, if looking reasonable leave for minute. Drain fuel from carbs using drain bolts on bottom of carb bodies and replace bolts. Take tank off and drain fuel, put to 1 s
  9. Connect the wire for the sensor to the battery positive terminal. The sensors are really expensive new from Suzuki but I have seen new one recently for £10 on Eblag.
  10. Hi Guys and Gals, after a week of fiddling with wiring on the EFE, I managed to get the bike started. No issues, left the bike and went to restart the next day and bike immediately blew the 20a power fuse. Fault eventually stopped when reg rec was unplugged. I was thinking of doing the SH775 Mosfet conversion to sort out charging once and for all. Would any SH775 be suitable, or is there a specific part number I should use. Many Thanks. Rob
  11. I think that it is a V and H Street pipe
  12. Hi guys and Gals, after several months of being unable to take photos, I have taken a photo of 90% finished bike. Hope you think ok. Hoping to get on road very soon.
  13. I had a GS250T back in 1985, it had a pair of short slashcut exhausts on it as original exhaust had holes in. Mine had standard jetting and gearing and topped out showing 92mph on clock. CV carbs do not like foam air filters as they work on pressure differential between airbox and air basically when engine running. I would put airbox on and check valve clearances as well. Clearances are tiny on the GS from memory, about 2 thou I think.
  14. Unicorn Racing in Japan list brand new Katana looms, about £250. Think I saw them on Webike Japan.
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