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  1. Pops Yoshimura altered the shock angle on his race bikes to improve handling. I think 31.5°, slightly forward top mount from STD I believe from an article I read.
  2. Locking screw come loose on valve adjuster? This could cause valve clearance to alter and cause missfire.
  3. Got the glass out, held in with a smear of silicone, so had to clean that off. Used a big socket on one side and a g clamp with a smaller socket to push glass out. Clutch shaft and bearings just tapped out once I removed top seal.
  4. The company doing panels is called Prototype Plastic Components. Guy called Martyn.
  5. Just fitted new bolt th shock bottom mount, wasn't happy with original as rusty and thread damaged. Just fitted carbs and airbox to engine, just need to find/replace some of the clips.
  6. Only problem with the Busa front end is the length. They are only 725mm long. A lot of people use GSXR 1100 water cooled forks or ZX9R B4 forks, both at 775mm long. Not easy to get hold of though.
  7. I would use bandit front end, 1200 and 1250 are 775 long with 43mm legs. 1250 easier to get parts for probably and has GSXR discs.
  8. The problem is probably that the wheel is too wide, both rim width and hub width. Most people use an early 4.5" Slingshot wheel with a GS 500 sprocket carrier with a 160 tyre. Swingarms are quite narrow.
  9. Just managed to fit swingarm and Hagon shock, so slowly coming on. Here are some pictures.
  10. Got it sorted now, I measured everything and there was only 4' thou difference between bearing and shaft. I got the shaft machined to fit bearing and all fit properly now.
  11. Hi Guys and Gals, I bought a JMC swingarm to put on the EFE, the bearings were in poor condition, so I bought new using the number on the old bearings. I have just tried to fit the swingarm to the bike, (new bearings fitted) and the front shaft does not go through the new bearings. The i.d. numbers are identical, and the old bearings slide on to the shaft with no issues. The bearings are imperial to fit the JMC arm, and internal diameter is 14.288mm. I am guessing that the shaft is 15mm, but am at a loss to explain why old bearings fit. I was thinking that the bearing centre has been machined to 15mm, to match shaft. Would it be possible to find a metric cone bearing to fit the imperial outer cup. I would think that as long as the bearing angle was the same, the outer and thickness size does not have to be exact to the last thousandths of an inch, as long as they are very near. The bearing will centralise when fitted, plus it is a slow moving item in use. Many Thanks Rob
  12. 1. I spoke to the powder coaters about the gold on the wheels. He said it was a non standard custom colour that he made up for me to brighten it up. He has some left if any one wants something in the same colour. 2. I want to get an EFE clutch cover powder coated, but I need to remove the oil level window and the clutch shaft in the cover as heat will ruin the rubber parts. Has any one got any tips about doing this please. Many thanks Rob
  13. I think that it is standard part Toni, I think that there is one on the other frame that I have. I will look properly next time down at garage I am renting. Not near where I live, may be tomorrow. I bought a rolling chassis complete and part was on there already, it was a while ago since I took it apart, so need to look at other frame.
  14. Hi Toni, not sure which piece you are referring to, top left piece is part of rear suspension linkage, bottom left is front engine mount bracket, middle right is alloy bracket which holds foot peg at bottom of the frame rail.
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