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  1. Connect the wire for the sensor to the battery positive terminal. The sensors are really expensive new from Suzuki but I have seen new one recently for £10 on Eblag.
  2. Hi Guys and Gals, after a week of fiddling with wiring on the EFE, I managed to get the bike started. No issues, left the bike and went to restart the next day and bike immediately blew the 20a power fuse. Fault eventually stopped when reg rec was unplugged. I was thinking of doing the SH775 Mosfet conversion to sort out charging once and for all. Would any SH775 be suitable, or is there a specific part number I should use. Many Thanks. Rob
  3. I think that it is a V and H Street pipe
  4. Hi guys and Gals, after several months of being unable to take photos, I have taken a photo of 90% finished bike. Hope you think ok. Hoping to get on road very soon.
  5. I had a GS250T back in 1985, it had a pair of short slashcut exhausts on it as original exhaust had holes in. Mine had standard jetting and gearing and topped out showing 92mph on clock. CV carbs do not like foam air filters as they work on pressure differential between airbox and air basically when engine running. I would put airbox on and check valve clearances as well. Clearances are tiny on the GS from memory, about 2 thou I think.
  6. Unicorn Racing in Japan list brand new Katana looms, about £250. Think I saw them on Webike Japan.
  7. It would be worth checking the carb tops, it was popular in the 90's to restrict the opening height of the slides with a longer post moulded in the centre of the cap. This stops carb opening fully, you can shorten post if that is problem.
  8. Company called Motoarbo do a stainless steel replica of the original Harris end can.
  9. I did the same thing on mine the other week. The bottom bearing does come out, I used a short length of threaded bar with nuts on each end an then used sockets to jack out bearing.
  10. The Slabby wheels are a good width at 4.5" rear, you may need a GS500 rear sprocket carrier as they are narrow.
  11. I have a 400 Inazuma, wheel sizes are same as Bandit. 3.5" front and 5.5" rear, I have used a 180/55-17 for years. The 180 slows down the speed of roll slightly compared to the 170/60 but is cheaper to buy.
  12. Hi Guys and Gals, just received photos of the new yokes for my EFE build. Hope you like them.
  13. Try Suzuki Performance Spares, he was advertising the last one I saw.
  14. Started putting together the brake caliper now the rebuild kit arrived. Had to replace 1 piston anyway due to corrosion.
  15. Here are some pictures of the paint can.
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