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  1. I did the same thing on mine the other week. The bottom bearing does come out, I used a short length of threaded bar with nuts on each end an then used sockets to jack out bearing.
  2. The Slabby wheels are a good width at 4.5" rear, you may need a GS500 rear sprocket carrier as they are narrow.
  3. I have a 400 Inazuma, wheel sizes are same as Bandit. 3.5" front and 5.5" rear, I have used a 180/55-17 for years. The 180 slows down the speed of roll slightly compared to the 170/60 but is cheaper to buy.
  4. Hi Guys and Gals, just received photos of the new yokes for my EFE build. Hope you like them.
  5. Try Suzuki Performance Spares, he was advertising the last one I saw.
  6. Started putting together the brake caliper now the rebuild kit arrived. Had to replace 1 piston anyway due to corrosion.
  7. Here are some pictures of the paint can.
  8. Hi Toni, I used a gold from my local Homebase. Part of their Painters Touch range. £5.99
  9. I have seen several low mileage/ rebuilt cranks for sale recently for £200.
  10. Due to time restraints, and trying to save some money for things with a higher priority, I have cleaned up the rear caliper and painted it myself. I decided that any money I saved could be better used elsewhere. Caliper bodies were soaked in Harpic Plus 10 to loosen paint, cleaned and then resoaked overnight to clean out corrosion. Painted then lacquered, I will have to see how well it stands up on use.
  11. inazumarob

    gs heads

    My local bike breakers ( Plymouth Bike Breakers ) 01752 257763. Has a GS 850 engine in stock, he is pretty cheap on parts normally. Ask for Dave.
  12. Watercooled GSXR 1100 775mm. 1997 ZX9R B4 775mm. GSXR 750 2007ish 770mm. 1year only I think.
  13. A worn small end can make a noise like a noisy tappet clearance under load.
  14. Pops Yoshimura altered the shock angle on his race bikes to improve handling. I think 31.5°, slightly forward top mount from STD I believe from an article I read.
  15. Locking screw come loose on valve adjuster? This could cause valve clearance to alter and cause missfire.
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