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  1. Great weekend enjoy by all (and some to much) good laugh and stunning bikes
  2. Try @gsxr884he maybe able to help identify the pad type
  3. @downtheshedJim when I had the K1 frontend in my 750 frame I used a std Slabby bottom bearing and a 12-30-47 top bearing (just check your stem size as there are some odd ones out there) that you can now get from Pyramid parts on eGay you may need a thin spacer between the bearing and yoke but I’ve never needed to also you will need to mod the lock stops pm me if you want photos
  4. Hello folks can any of you tell me if there is a difference between the 750 and 1100 calipers and if so what it is ?? thanx in advance
  5. Clive I may just take you up on the offer of a pitch just for the entertainment
  6. You can’t just that there like that and that oily foot print on the slab will definitely have you in trouble
  7. I am considering putting a set of Slingshot pistons into a set of Slabby barrels ive aquirred that were ment to be standard bore but have attually been bored 2mm oversize. has anyone done this and if so how did it work and did you need to do any other mods ?? fanx inadvance
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