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  1. I am considering putting a set of Slingshot pistons into a set of Slabby barrels ive aquirred that were ment to be standard bore but have attually been bored 2mm oversize. has anyone done this and if so how did it work and did you need to do any other mods ?? fanx inadvance
  2. @slabsideB12KentK rear wheel will go in with a bit of machining and new spacers here is what I did to fit mine. 1,Remove the oil seal from the sprocket carrier and machine it flush the the bearing. 2, machine 6mm from the inner spacer to move the carrier 6mm closer to the wheel. 3,trim 3mm off the Outer face of the cushdrive rubbers (A sharp kitchen knife does the trick. 4, machine new top hat spacers Left and right to centralise the wheel 5, machine a new Cush tube to fit between the new top hat spacers. jobs a good un
  3. Does anyone know what the length of sv650 and 1000 forks are?? thanks in advance
  4. Looks stunning Wee man and even better in the flesh
  5. From this angle the tank looks very Slabside and sexy as fook and stunning build btw Flatline
  6. Does anyone on here know of a good match for the gold that comes in rattle can ??
  7. Morning all right I’m trying to find out what carbs where fitted to what years of the 750 Slingshots from the first short stroke 88 model to the last one before the water boilers took over - thanks in advance
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