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  1. Nice watermelon, Vizman. Welcome to the other darkside of oss. haha. maybe get shum watermelon stickers now?
  2. yes, you need two lines feeding them carbs. weather one line will be sufficient fuel "tee'd" is another. if yer just balancing them then you should be ok.
  3. Madb

    Silver bullet

    @GixxerboiT, can ya give us a clue what yer thinking? pics or something?
  4. @badgerkid. haha yeah real oddity. Tho they have their plus side. wr,ws are the better of the models. the bargin of the gsxr models, shhhhh. don't tell them tho! Love to get hold of a sp model but f@@k if I'm paying 10,000 for one. 10 years ya say, Got mine in 2006 and like yer self, still finding odd things about them.
  5. Madb

    Carbon fibre body work

    ^^ +1 one that too.
  6. does the bike turn over when you press the starter button? if not is the kill switch on?
  7. to the wise , yeah i know. gurls blouse but ya get the idea.
  8. other way you can mount it is across the front like srad and newer model do. clamp on the left fork and some form of fixing to the frame where the fairing mount is on the head stem.
  9. the screws under yer float bowls are the air/fuel mixture screws. Don't mess with them unless yer on a dyno.
  10. the balance screws are accessed from the top. just use a long flat end screw drivers or phillips. between 1&2 then 3&4 then adjust the one between 2&3 to bring the pairs in sync. carbs are off different model but screws and balance pipes are in same location. you will need to block/seal yer pipe that comes from #3 inlet that fits to your fuel tap.
  11. Madb

    Used and Abused Spondon Turbo

    Errr, the bike spead over the centre pages not meanbean! haha.
  12. Madb

    Used and Abused Spondon Turbo

    Surprized it's not already been in PB!. Not bought it for a while but will when beanmean is spead over them centre pages! (not topless tho,plz,)
  13. wp model had the steering damper fitted to the left side of the bike. bracket fitted under the left top frame rail and the other end fitted to the left fork via a 50mm clamp. and the were very long too tho you can get new ones at a price.The later models fitted under the bottom yoke with that damper you have now. if your yokes are the earlier type then you will need to drill and tap the bottom yoke. hope that help a bit.
  14. Yes, No need to remove the air box. your tank will need to be removed tho! the balance pipes connect to the top of the carbs. do you have dial gauges or carb tune type? As their is a proper way the set the gauges up before you start incase you didn't know. not aware of yer skill set, or mechanical skills .
  15. Yes, the spare wires you refer to are for another horn for the left side of the bike. o/g and b/bl wires. the pink wire is not used. well, not on your model anyways. Some may say, it's the wheelie wire , but we all know wheelies are controled by yer right hand and yer awesomeness!