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  1. Hi all, I'm considering swapping the 6 pots out for something else. What are my options? Do sprint rs calipers work? They are 90mm centres, rotors are 320mm. Does rotor size of donor bike matter when looking at this sort of the thing? I'm looking to do it without matching spacers ideally.
  2. Aha so the penny has dropped now
  3. Yep that's the plan. Thanks for the he help
  4. So if they aren't connected then I assume my original prognosis is likely to be correct?
  5. Well I did plug the other line so not sure if they are interconnected. It seems to make sense to me that the two lines would feed each pair of carbs. Would be good to get it confirmed though.
  6. Hello everyone, I've gotten to the stage of starting the bike following my streetfightering build. It's only on 2 cylinders (3&4). This would suggest the coils are ok. I'm currently using an uxilary fuel tank while I'm testing her out prior to refitting the original fuel tank. I've got this connected to one of the two fuel line that usually would connect to the fuel tap, which has three connections in total. One for vacuum and two for fuel. Could my issue be caused by the fact I'm only using one of the two fuel lines?
  7. Got to the bottom of it. It was a resistor in the ignition barrel that is connected to earth. The resistor had come away from the soldered joint. Resoldered and it started on the button...who'd have thought it hey?
  8. So following a streetfightering rebuild of my gsxr 750 WP I went to start it the other day and got nothing. Upon turning the ignition the Speedo lights up and I get over 12v from starter relay. I've tested, with a multimeter, the neutral switch, side stand switch and kill switch and all are working and in the correct positions. One suspicion is that when on turn on the ignition I here the side stand relay click twice in quick succession, like it's going open then closed again. Not sure if this is normal or what would be causing it. Another suspicion is the starter button itself. This has two wires. One going in from the starter relay (previous owner bypassed the clutch switch), and one out to the ignition coils. There is 12V on the wire from the starter relay to the switch. However when testing voltage across the wire in from starter and wire out to ignition coils I don't get any Voltage across the wires, whether the switch is open or closed. Does any of this sound like it could be causing the bik not to start?
  9. A eaome that's what I thought. Good to s NSE check th we things tho
  10. I have the carb tube type so the manual explains set up procedures in it. I have an auxiliary fuel tank for doing the balancing so that not a problem. Did you manage to adjust the balancing screws with a normal screwdriver or do I need a 90 degree angled jobby?
  11. Cheers mate. I think I actually have a wr, well most of it is. The frame is now an 1100 for reasons I won't get into...will take to long. Up shot of everything is that I don't think the dampner will work with my set up as I don't have the fairing bracket that attaches to the headstock, which I am led to believe the dampner attaches to. Unless of course I get creative but I'm not too arsed about it at the mo.
  12. Yes probably the same loom used on multiple bikes of that vintage
  13. I think the pink one is just "there for show". Doesn't appear to have a purpose according to the wiring diagram
  14. I have the neutral connected. It is a blue wire. Any idea what the pink wire is there for. Doesn't seem to connect to anything on the wiring diagram.
  15. Anyone know what the orange with green tracer and black with blue tracer wires connect to?