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Most of us on here have at least one or two stock speedos with broken needles. Years of UV from sitting in the sun weakens the plastic and then they snap at high speed, but usually higher speed than that. They’re mechanical and I wouldn’t be surprised if the internals lose all the grease over time. 

If you search, there are threads on here for opening up the speedo and repairing/replacing the needle. I’m lazy and only have one GSXR with stock gauges and just replaced the gauge cluster the last time I had one snap on me. 

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Hi guys, thnx for your reactions. I have already fixxed the needle and cleaned and oiled the cable. The internal gear of the meter wasn't dried out and contained still grease. I guess the only thing left is that the cable is to old and has probably to much flex so i will replace that.

Other thing that came to my mind is that i have lowered the forcplates so i coould place the clipons on top of the upper plate for a better sitting position. Now the cable has to bend a bit more and is causing the flutter!? First i replace it for a new one.

Cheers Richard.

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10 minutes ago, Captain Chaos said:

Speedo (and tacho) needles mostly crack because of vibrations. The rubber the clocks are mounted in deteriorates, which leaves the clocks resting on the metal bracket. With time, due to vibrations, the bracket cuts its way through the clock body.

Hi Chaos, that is not the case. The rubber are in good condition and in place.

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