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Valve stem seals


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Hi All


Hope you are all well.  I'm rebuilding thread on my 79' gs 750 and having trouble with the valve stem seals.  The ones in the gasket kit don't seem to fit that well.  Am I missing something.  Are they supposed to click into place, as these just push on lose.  They are different to the ones I took off.  Can anyone give me some tips or am I wasting my time with these and need to get a different make.  Thanks in advance.(y) 

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I think I have now found the problem, am I right in thinking that there is a ring or clip that fits to the top of the guide so that the seal will clip on?

I had the head stripped and skimmed and the old seal were a bitch to remove so the company that cleans and skimmed the head sent back a box of bits including what was left of the old seals.

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1 hour ago, Gixer1460 said:

Really? I've never needed anything other than my thumb! New / soft seals shouldn't require anything to 'tap' them on!

its been a long time since i fitted any stem seals but the OEM ones ive fitted in the past have a metal insert, theirs no way you could push them on with your thumb as you risk damaging the top sealing lip where the spring sits, i had to use the factory tool to install them. :tu

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Firm push, as 1460 says. Just enough to expand the wire clip. Any force, you’ll deform the seal. Tiny amount of lube on the lip won’t hurt either. If engine’s going to stand a while, bit Moly on the valve stems on assembly a good idea too!

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46 minutes ago, Gixer1460 said:

I didn't know there was a 'factory' tool for this ......... I don't think the majority of engine builders do either :D

yeah their is, ive worked for a few dealers and some have the tool others dont. even Suzuki have a tool for installing valve guide seals, they use the tool for removing/fitting the valve guide, 09916-44310 :tu 

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