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  1. Thanks, everyone sorted now, the ones that came with the gasket kit were shite. Found the right ones through a local engine specialist. They did just push on with an interference fit.
  2. I think I have now found the problem, am I right in thinking that there is a ring or clip that fits to the top of the guide so that the seal will clip on? I had the head stripped and skimmed and the old seal were a bitch to remove so the company that cleans and skimmed the head sent back a box of bits including what was left of the old seals.
  3. Thats what I thought, if I try and use a 7/16 socket to tap them on the split the rubber seal at the top
  4. Hi All Hope you are all well. I'm rebuilding thread on my 79' gs 750 and having trouble with the valve stem seals. The ones in the gasket kit don't seem to fit that well. Am I missing something. Are they supposed to click into place, as these just push on lose. They are different to the ones I took off. Can anyone give me some tips or am I wasting my time with these and need to get a different make. Thanks in advance.
  5. What's the best thing to replace the airbox with that looks good but works and leaves the bike rideable throughout the rev range. If there's nowt then I'll leave the airbox on. I read that with the carbs pointing to the rear the air passing the inlet manifold is in a vacuum and therefore the bike gasps for air. I've seen some pics on here of cone filters but heard they ain't good.
  6. No brown leather seats for me, just a less fussy look I feel, strip down complete, time to build what I want, feck everyone else.
  7. Having read all of the above and having done a bit more research, I quite fancy personalising it so that the frame etc stays the same so that if I ever sell it all the original parts I'm gonna keep can be fitted back on. In which case, does anyone do a seat and cowl that fits the full length of the current seat frame so I don't have to cut the frame. I know there is the Giuliari seat and you keep the original light cowl, but just wondered about something a bit different? The strip down is well underway, started yesterday and all that is left is the engine in the frame, the front forks and f
  8. Hi All Been off grid for a while, hope you are all coping during these strange times. Question, my 79' GS 750 is about to undergo an engine overhaul as its down on compression in 2 and 3 cylinders, something I've bored you all with before. The bike has been dry stored for over 12 months now and I'm all set to get it up and running. It's totally standard but I feel it just lacks that personal touch. Paintwork needs sorting, tank has a few battle scars, it needs a new seat and a general tidy up. So heres the question.... Do I? A. restore B. cafe racer C. scrambler
  9. Hi All Well after an uneventful summer not riding my GS all that often cos it runs like a pig, I've noticed it's down on compression on two of the cylinders. Decided to stick it on the ramp and get stuck into a top end rebuild in the next few weeks. Ill keep you all posted and pop some pics on here once things get oily. Wish me luck
  10. The Suzuki one is scuffed quite badly, but I may be able to save the DOHC one, cheers mate
  11. Somebody Kindly bought me some new crank case decals, you know the DOHC one and the Suzuki one, the ones are my bike a re a bit scabby, do the old ones peel off or are they cast onto the cover?
  12. Thanks All, I'm happy with the majority, leave it other than maybe paint the tank. That suits me just fine, in fact only this morning somebody asked me if I wanted to sell it as they he'd one years ago, it ain't going anywhere.
  13. Hi All, The GS is now fit for the road, I just have one nagging issue, do I completely restore it, just tidy it up or leave it well alone, its generally not too bad apart from some nasty dinks in the tank. Because it's so genuine I really want to keep it that way, just give it a good clean up and thats it, but the damage on the tank niggles me. If I got it painted, I'd stick to the original colour and I know you can get the decals. Obviously, I'm open to your suggestions.
  14. Now, I do like that, my kind of bike. Lucky sod
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