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  1. IceKat


    Looks good very nice though John get the shocks away for a respring/rebuild and have a look for truck light on amazon. A friend fitted one to his BMW 1100GS same size as Kat, loads of light but expensive.
  2. Absolutely anything but c !! Im Sick to death of seeing beardies with checked shirts and brown seats
  3. Yes it does have a certain presence
  4. IceKat

    Engine paint job

    Great result
  5. IceKat

    87 Slabside

    Your the second person to say leave as is Ronny and to be fair it is well painted, just not to my taste. Still makes a change from all the restored ones these days.
  6. IceKat

    87 Slabside

    I seem to be a magnet for slabsides for the time being, this one followed me home the other evening An 87 which has been parked up in a basement car park for many years. A good layer of thick dust and grime needed washing away. Tank & Carbs off for a good cleaning out, the old fuel was rancid. A battery in place fresh fuel and its a runner Needs a thorough going over full service, fork seals, bearings, c&s, tyres, left hand footrest plate etc maybe a repaint.
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