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  1. IceKat

    GSX Headers availability

    Just been having a look for Delkavik then Black Widow headers for my Kat neither have GSX models listed anymore, have they stopped making them or are they just out of stock ? Anyone know the score
  2. IceKat

    GSXR 7/12 Project Update

    Stunning build well done
  3. IceKat

    Couldn't resist

    Great find
  4. IceKat


    Apparently so picked the pipe up on my way home tonight
  5. IceKat

    Busa ash efe 1230

    The front end looks way better allready
  6. IceKat


    Good question Toni, i must admit when it came up for sale my first thought was just to rape it of it`s engine, then sell the rest off in parts But once home cleaned up a little. Got it running, , removed some of the crap, ridden it a couple of times. It`s growing on me , so for the time being i shall keep tidying her up, look out for a decent 4-1 pipe. Possible bandit front end, rear Look around the forum for some inspiration It is also proving to be a lucky bike , two short rides out have resulted in a tip on another EF, the second trip scored me an ice cream and a Yoshi presumably slabside pipe.
  7. IceKat


    Cool i have not seen many in this colour combo, some of the crap/gayness i have allready pulled it allready started to look better for it
  8. IceKat


    Thanks Toni
  9. IceKat


    Thanks homer im pleased with it , im guessing fungus infused in tea
  10. IceKat


    Thanks Ash allthough the photos are somewhat deceiving, she is not quite so beautiful in the flesh or if one is sober......
  11. IceKat

    Post your pipes Slingshot Edition

    A bit of an oddity this, Mach Hokusuya 4-2-1
  12. IceKat


    My fault Blubber have reloaded the attachments
  13. IceKat


    This EF came up for sale locally and a couple of hours later im back in Air Cooled fold It`s a bit rough in places wheel rims, frame, sun/frost bleached inner fairng from being stored outside for the last few years, but does have new tryes, brakes, new oil, filter etc by a local shop last year. Also an alleged engine rebuild 4000km ago, looks at least to have visibley new gaskets. I bought it as none runner, once home drained the carbs/tank of condensation charged the battery, freed the clutch off and its a runner. The wife is now threatning to confiscate my van keys.......... Stylish mirrors and heated grips helped seal the deal ........................ Not Beautiful............... Hepco Becker rack and panniers, rear guard and number plate light are truely Hideous on these An Ohlins shock was a most pleasant surprise Some nice screws holding the tank rubbers in place, footrest rubber missing and lower fairng v piece is missing Now i just have to decide it`s fate !
  14. IceKat

    my quest to become a winged hammer

    I had a set of lowers with the same graphics in the glass, must have come from the same source. They sanded out easily though
  15. IceKat

    Finished until the Winter

    Nice love the paint scheme on these