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  1. Are these from Suzuki or a pattern set?
  2. A quick Google brings up some other forums where it seems it has been done but they are very light on the technical details, if it needs to be done just give it a go. If the main seal has gone Allballs seem to sell them but you'll need to check which one is correct.
  3. I think the 750m head is shim type so cams aren't right and dot heads had 36mm carbs so fitting 38s will be a squeeze, using the 750m inlet rubbers will need a fair bit of port matching to work.
  4. If black is the original engine colour then probably not a slabby or slingy engine, 750 teapots used both long and short stroke 750 engine so cc from the barrels or first part of the engine number will sort out what it actually came from.
  5. To get the front close to the engine plates the bottom mount sits just where the left side main oil casting is, forcing the engine up, and the side stand mount is pushing the engine hard to the right so looks like they both have to get the chop, best get the engine out and fire up the grinder.
  6. The problem is my engine just doesn't seem to fit. Its an unmodified GS1000 frame and a stock-ish GSXR1100k engine, I have the 1100k, gs1000 and the 'kit' brackets from Eblag and none of them are working for me. The issues are on the left side of the frame, the engine is sitting on/against the side stand bracket where it comes inside the frame and on the bottom engine mount which are stopping the engine from sitting low enough to fit any engine brackets. So how does an oil cooled engine fit into a GS frame? Project build coming shortly.
  7. I think one of the problems is getting the in-tank regulator a boost reference.
  8. I think Pasis on the old forum had this setup for a while, there may still be picture around for comparison.
  9. If your switch has 4 wires one of those pins will be the normal gear position wiper the other is for earth to ensure the cdi gets a good signal.
  10. You could move the entire mechanism to the centre of the throttle-bodies as has been done in a couple of build projects on here or I had venhill make mine, they need the original cables for the end filttings and how much longer you need them, turned mine around in just over a week.
  11. I asked a seller for some for some details when I was looking for a replacement for a project - didn't ask that tho, sorry
  12. If you can swap the rocker end the new R1 is 315 and has ride height adjustment
  13. Early GPz 1100 TBs have the same spacing and don't have all the modern gizmo stuff on them so are a cleaner install.
  14. Maybe teapot 750? they had 36mm carbs with a cable choke.
  15. Slabby11

    Rear disc

    Slabby's and some of the much later stuff have a 220mm disc
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