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  1. Busa pistons ordered. Fuel return hose need check up. Thanks for info, updates once my mate comes for a visit again with the new pistons.
  2. Looking forward to see this project. Just came back from a 3 day tour with my 12. It's no comparison to any blandit, have 2 x 1200 Inazumas and had a b12s bevore, that's now parts donnor.
  3. Not bland at all, rather like that one.
  4. Agreed, that's why i would stay with the originals. My 40's ran surprisingly well, mid and top range. Contrary to everything read here. Guess i was lucky.
  5. @Gixer1460 OK, thanks. Highest boost I seen indicated was just under 0.5 bar at about 6000 rpm. According to proboost the kit should produce a maximum of 0.8 bar.
  6. Inazuma 12 swoping the original 32mm Keihins to 40mm Mikkaroonies from gsxr 1100... Been there, done that. It works. Question why would you do that? I did it because i changed damaged headers to unrestricted, stepped headers from Holeshot (Dale Walker) and with them i wasn't able to dial in the original carbies. In retrospective i should have just gotten another stock header and done. The Ina 12 in standard trim got best low down torque from all oil boilers... My working set up was: Airbox removed 4 metal mesh pod filters Mikuni
  7. Boost gauge is a decent glycerin filled one. Yeah, boost is obvious, was just tricky to watch gauge, and rev counter on public Thai roads. Can altering BOV setting reduce max boost or does it just influence turbo spool up time?
  8. Absolutely stunning work. Wet dreams stuff. Following.
  9. @clivegto Thanks, will do that. Project will rest for remaining of these holidays. Next holiday new luck, will update what we get with turbo pistons. Cheers
  10. Merry Xmas friends Sitting in a garage in Thailand and trying to get a Proboost turbo kit working on a Inazuma 1200 (same set up as blandit 12). Looking for information on how much fuel pressure should be coming thru the malpassi regulater. Currently 0.2 bars fuel pressure at idle. Bike kills pistons between 6000 and 7000 rpm (see pics). Boost gauge indicates between minus 0.5 bar at idle and 0 bar boost at pistons killing rpm. Scratching heads. Any info and ideas appreciated. Cheers and sawasdee krup.
  11. All Inazumas 12 do have 32mm Keihins. They go well with airbox. Torque wave riding. Best rubbers are for any of the 40 Mickeyroonies. Inlet tracts must be grinded to suit the bigger rubbers.
  12. Sad to hear Magni died. Very special bikes indeed. Even smaller then the gsx1200 Inazumas. I contacted Magni a couple years ago about an exhaust system, they will do, good people to deal with, but my bike went more towards streetfighter then cafe racer.
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