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  1. yeah, Inazumas are fun. check the Tank, the 750 have tank rust issues and the tanks are the hardest parts to source, near unbtainium. France and Germany have biggest communities and forums for them welcome to oss.
  2. found the perfect fitting one for my 1980 gsx1100e in Germany, like the sporty lines very much.
  3. the 750 Zumas are known for tank rust, that could cause your float needles to stick open / not close completely. Check for tank rust, do you have a fuel filter before the carbs? You should find original spare carbs, as the 12 and 7.5 using the same. About airfilters... with airbox and stock exhaust headers the Inazumas are very picky about airfilters. Must fit OEM airfilter (with the foam)/ airbox / headers to make them run properly, or else require Dyno time.
  4. Found a New Old Stock Giuliari seat on that site in red to replace the torn original seat, makes it faster imho. Also played with the lid of the airbox. First replaced the deteriorated original foam, just to find she didn't like that at all. The removed the lid completely and now she revs out nicely. Touring two up thru Austria again ATM, apart from two lost and replaced header bolts, she's faultless. Gonna need source a heated garage to dig deeper thru the winter and try the newly arrived 530 chain set with longer gearing. cheers
  5. Have a couple Inazuma 12s. The pump is needed to empty the reserve. Without the pump the reserve is pretty much left in the tank.
  6. Looking at jt sprockets site i found front ones for Hayabusa and Bandit1250 fit, the rear ones from the oil boilers; havent installed yet, so not 100% sure.
  7. new rubbers are on, first time running Kendas with inner tubes on a road bike. Head bearings replaced as well, made the steering much better. She got the original airbox, gave her a new airfilter in hope she would run better as there's not much after 5000rpm and above 6000 it's terrible and revs only with great reluctance. from the oil boilers I know they won't run well with aftermarket airfilters in the airbox... anybody knows if that's similar with the aircoole engines? Because I didn't get a OEM one and I think it's either that or timing or what else is common to these engines that causes them not to fully / clean rev up under load? Will try without the fuel filter next. Any input is greatly appreciated. cheers
  8. all ok, figured it out... these old ladies got some new (to me) tricks lol guess it will slide out easy now with these end things removed.
  9. currently in the process of rear wheel removal to fit the new rubbers... The rear axle is on same height as the left side exhaust... is it really necessary to remove the whole exhaust to get the rear wheel out? Or maybe the foot rest assembly can be removed to allow the exhaust enough wiggle room to get the axle past it?
  10. Returned to Europe after 17 years of Asia and was welcomed at a friend's home in Austria where he kept a gsx1100e I bought unseen 9 years ago. The bike stood in a shed for all these years and probably a couple more before I that. My visit to Austria was originally to restore a slinghy that I left with friends in Switzerland after my last holidays back home and was in need for some tlc. On first look the gsx appeared quite complete, but in barn find state... seat torn, back brake stuck, front brakes not working, tank has some damage in the red-orange paint, mainly around the lock, and a good amount of rust sprinkles all over her. ...and that hiddeous front lamp in 70ies TV design... ...it was love at first sight. Pulled the carbs off and threw them into a ultrasonic bath, new battery and she started back into life. Rear brake needed some fiddling, but finally unstuck. Front brake master was exchanged to a gsxf part laying in my friends parts bin, forks and shocks arent leaking (yet), changed brake fluid, passed Pickerl ( Austrian MOT), insured and drove her 1200km from Graz to Zurich and back to install newly arrived head bearings and airfilter. Today checked the valves, needed minimal adjustment, cams are all good. Tomorrow she will get new tires (old ones are 15 years old lol) and some fresh oil. It's a great bike to work on and there will be further improvements as time and money allow. the GS and the gsxr fighter are my mates, he's nuts as well lol.
  11. Busa pistons ordered. Fuel return hose need check up. Thanks for info, updates once my mate comes for a visit again with the new pistons.
  12. Looking forward to see this project. Just came back from a 3 day tour with my 12. It's no comparison to any blandit, have 2 x 1200 Inazumas and had a b12s bevore, that's now parts donnor.
  13. Not bland at all, rather like that one.
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