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  1. Well that sounds like it's going to be just perfect for start stop traffic to and from work!
  2. Thanks man, Hopefully its gonna be a tad faster when finally done?
  3. Thanks @AllspeedsI shall look into 530 slim. Your bike is pretty god damn impressive bud, looks the nuts and certainly sounds very healthy!.
  4. Thanks clive, its good to have some real feedback. I may change it when i actually start riding it!
  5. @Gixer1460Sorry young man, it went to the man Big D. I still get a smile everytime when i go into the garage. I do get friends/family/workmates asking/bitching when it's going to be on the road?... It seems like everybody but me is in a rush to get it done! FUCK EM!.
  6. Got myself a Pair of casings from @Mar71n And they are the bollocks! Bloody love them!.
  7. A few more pics of where i am now... Got the seat sprayed... slightly different colour! FFS. But eh doesn't matter right now. Also picked up a swing arm from Dave whilst i was there. Got 6" rear wheel from @jonny1bumpfor said arm. I have gone for a 520 conversion to avoid chain contact with the frame. I am using a drag chain from grumpy1260 and JT Sprockets. Anybody in the know think i have done the right thing or should i got for frame cut out and use more heavy duty drive gear?.
  8. To say i am over the moon with what he has done is an understatement! I FUCKING LOVE THIS BIKE! It absolutely scares the shit out of me.... and i haven't even ridden it yet!
  9. Got to dave's... Fuck that man is a legend!. And this is what he did...
  10. Last post 2016!!! what the actual fuck!?!?.... Where does the time go eh?. So i thought i would do a little update, not that I myself have done a lot to it, Cos i am a lazy git, and life got in the way!. It went off to The man... Big D... FBM... Fast By Me Turbos! These pics may not be in order, but hey pics are always good. Got a one piece tail unit from webike japan... fuck me that was expensive!. Fitted that and off it went to FBM. I like the stance, standard'ish, but not.
  11. Thank you @wraith. All tips acknowledged. Yokes was my first thought but couldn't really find much info about it. Good to know it does work. Thanks bud.
  12. Thanks @wraith. Yes, It would be easier to mount it off the yokes. Did you have any issues with the pipes always flexing/fatigue on the fittings or anything like that?. cheers.
  13. Cheers for the reply @wraith. Where the spots on a frame of some sort?, or did the turn with the forks?. I just put up a pic of the bracket on mine, was yours anything like that?. cheers bud.
  14. Cheers for the reply @dupersunc. its a Z1000J. Thats a strong looking mount there. How do you mount it to the frame?. All i have is a mount like this on the headstock... Well actually that IS the mount on the headstock! Hahaaa. Any ideas would be excellent thank you bud.
  15. Afternoon... So, has anybody here mounted their oil cooler upfront?, if so, how have they done it?, any pics, and best design for mount/subframe please. Also any recommendations for people who could do it down yer in the southwest. Thank you...
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