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  1. I had these,they get great reviews by the car guys.
  2. nice to hear about good service
  3. very clever.Bet I leave the sand in lol. 10mm pipe? and rubber hose to fit to it?
  4. how did you bend the pipe?
  5. Thank you just what I needed
  6. Would any of you be willing to share pictures of your fuel returns.I'm having a brain fade trying to plumb it into my et fuel tank. Mark.
  7. Yes,was being kinda lazy.
  8. Did my own homework and found out on the MTC website.
  9. Am I Ok using Bandit 1200 piston ring clearances on my MTC turbo pistons or do I need to go slightly larger allowing for heat? Mark.
  10. Are they not from the gear selector? 9 and 10 on the diagram.
  11. Threebond for me,never seen any in a filter.
  12. If it's being aqua blasted the finish should be really nice and fuel proof without painting it.
  13. Could someone please let me know what the distance between the bolt holes is where the mounting brackets mount to the top yoke please. Thank yoooo
  14. Excellent.who are you using?
  15. I have used this on a few ( Starts with a Y ) race bikes and it really does work. It is worth having the cams and followers done at the same time and maybe even the rods to help reduce stress. I had a full engine done once and it was sooooo smooth afterwards.
  16. Is there a reliable replacement? About to build a turbo motor myself.
  17. Thankyou. Glad the taxman left me some money in January.
  18. Thanks.So as long as I get std Hayabusa compresison ones not the lower turbo ones it should be ok.?
  19. yes that's what I was going to get,Seen some Busa ones for £390 though hence the query.
  20. I'm currently looking a pistons for my turbo bandit build and have noticed that turbo hayabusa piston kits are cheaper than the equivalent Bandit ones.As I could fit standard Gen 1 Hayabusa pistons am I right to assume I could just buy Gen 1 turbo pistons too? The ones I have seen are 9 to 1 Cr. Thanks.
  21. Thankyou, every day is a learning day.
  22. What are you removing by doing this?
  23. I have an unknown harness here that has been messed with,If any of the plugs match what you need let me know and I will remove them for you.
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